Team Manager Position

May 7th, 2019   |   Ryan Barnett

Job Requirements

- Have in depth knowledge of the League of Legends scene at a national and international level

- Be kind and considerate, with the welfare of players being your paramount concern

- Be able to live and work in the United Kingdom as well as Germany

- Be proactive and able to work without prompt, as well as part of team in a highly performance driven industry

- Experience in an esports management or corporate management role preferred

- Willing to work flexible hours.

Job Benefits

- Competitive Salary

- Working for a well established and quickly rising professional esports team

- Gym Membership

- 25 Days Holiday Leave per year

- 2 Meals a day, 6 times a week

- Accommodation included

- Establish yourself as a growing figure in one of the most exciting startups in esports.

- Travel Europe and possibly the world to various esports events

Job Description

- Coordinate and facilitate player travel, both national and international and being a chaperone for the team when needed.

- Manage and coordinate player expectations surrounding nutrition and fitness, contacting and managing player’s diaries as well as providing accurate and valuable information to the nutritionist, and other fitness staff.

- Keep the performance facilities at a high professional standard, allowing for a high level of cleanliness and performance at all times.

- Assist the General Manager in tasks relating to the teams welfare and performance.

- Liaise with tournament officials and tournament organisers when necessary, particularly during travel and on game days.

- Be present and available during match days.

- Assist in the acquisition and departure of old and new players from the roster, with a high level knowledge about the League of Legends scene and players within it.

- Be the first point of contact for players in all aspects of their playing and personal journey.

To apply, please email a cover letter and CV to: