How to Play Alistar | League of Legends Champion Guide

Alistar is an ideal support for beginners as you can get away with making errors, especially in the early game when you are far stronger than your opponent. 


For your starting items, you should pick up Relic Shield and 3 Health Potions, then look to build the items below in the following order. However, when the laning phase ends - which is when the first botlane tower goes down - you should buy Mobility Boots as soon as possible, as this will allow you to roam around the map in a far more time-effective manner.


After you have bought these mandatory items, what you get next will depend heavily on what you need most as a team. If you need greater siege potential, then focus on buying Banner of Command; if you need more strength in team fights, then Redemption is going to be a better call. A final option may be Shurelya’s Reverie, which will drastically improve both your own, and your team’s, engage and disengage in team fights. Here are the runes which you should be using on Alistar in combination with Ignite and Flash.


As for the order in which you should level up your abilities, the general rule of thumb is to first max your Q, then your W, and finally your E.

Early Game

 At Level 2, and especially Level 3 as Alistair, you will be much stronger than your opponents. If your ADC can poke a lot at this point, you should look to jump in and use your basic combo of W-Q to put out damage and CC, allowing your ADC to output further damage. However, it’s very important to consider the match-up, because in lanes where your levels are very close to those of your opponents - or against a Tahm Kench - then going all-in is far riskier. Engaging in this manner is also risky if you see the jungler in or around your lane, as you have few disengage tools this early in the game.

A good trick to keep the wave shoved is to use your Minion Dematerialiser to kill enemy cannon minions before the waves meet, which will constantly give your waves the edge and keep them shoved under the enemy tower. This is the best time to roam early game. When roaming, you can use your Hextech Flashtraption to gank mid, if the bushes aren’t warded, and combo onto the enemy. You can use your basic W-Q combo - or if you’re Level 3 or higher you can W, Q then activate your E while jumping, holding off on auto-attacking until you land your E for maximum CC and damage. To make your Q less predictable, you can Q and then instantly Flash, which makes your Q go off immediately after your Flash. With all these gank combos, be sure to communicate with the laner or your team’s jungler so that you also go in at the same time, maximising your damage output while the enemy is CCd.

Mid Game

 Try roaming into their jungle and mid lane, either by yourself or with your jungler, to engage on unsuspecting enemies and allow your teammates to capitalise. You want to keep your wave shoved as much as possible, to allow you to roam and help other lanes get priority, while leaving your ADC to farm. However, you don’t want to roam too much, or your ADC will start to fall behind without your support. It’s easiest to roam in the mid-game, once first-blood tower has gone down in the bot lane, but you can start roaming even before that as long as you limit the amount of time you are roaming.

Once you have your Righteous Glory or Shurelya’s Reverie you can constantly engage, getting picks for your team, and you should roam as much as you can without having your ADC fall behind. If you end up in a sticky situation, just use your ultimate to disengage and return to your ADC.

Late Game

Team fighting is pretty easy as Alistair - just look for the largest group of people you can combo into and fly at them, executing the same W-Q-delayed-E combo as always. If they have a tanky front line, look for a gap to the backline and combo into them, CCing them to maximum extent and allowing your backline to shred their frontline. Your W is super-strong in team fights and can be used to headbutt the opposing backline away from your front line, extending their life expectancy and giving your backline more time to do damage. You can also change the combo up a little by using W into a minion, then Flash-Q into someone out of position. Or you can use the same combo as always, your E onto the backline if they are in range.