How To Play Darkin Kayn | League of Legends Champion Guide



  • Good choice into all team comps

  • Scales well into late game

  • Weak without items

Darkin Kayn (Rhaast) is viable with and against most team compositions, having strong sustain and HP scaling damage for fighting tanks and good mobility for fighting carries. Unlike Assassin Kayn, Rhaast gets stronger later in the game, while still having a decent midgame. However, if behind on items, Darkin can be a burden - not having the sustian to peel tanks and not having the damage to zone carries. Hence, paying attention to the pathing routes later in the guide is important so that Kayn is strong when teamfights start.


Conqueror is the primary option to take on Darkin Kayn. While Dark Harvest can work, you will often find yourself lacking both damage and sustain for later in the game. Take Conqueror with the Keystones: Triumph, Alacrity/Tenacity (versus teams with CC so that you can purchase Ninja Tabis instead of Mercury Treads) and either Coup de Grace or Last Stand depending on whether the enemy team is squishy or tanky.

For secondary runes, you have two choices.

1. Domination with the keystones Sudden Impact and Ravenous hunter enhance Rhaast’s strengths throughout the game.


2. Alternatively, take Resolve with Bone Plating and Revitalise for tougher matchups in order to transition to the mid game comfortably.

Kayn always takes Adaptive Force in Offense and Flex. For Defense, take Armour or Magic Resist depending on the type of damage being most output by the enemy team.


  • Same as assassin

Kayn’s E (Shadow Step) allows him to take unpredictable ganking paths, thus avoiding wards and engaging unexpectedly. When pathing  towards the enemy during Shadow Step, aim to intercept their escape route. Keep in mind to use Q (Reaping Slash) as a mobility tool; gap closing and avoiding projectiles such as Morgana’s binding. Once you have your ultimate, Umbral Trespass, you’ll be able to tower dive the enemy, as you can become untargetable under towers.

Skill order

  • Same as assassin

While Kayn’s W scales stronger when transformed, taking 3 points into Q before maxing W for faster clear is optimal. Take one point in E instead of W at level 2 to heal and travel in between camps, resulting in a faster and healthier clear than taking W second. This also opens up the option to counter gank at level 2.


  • Same as assassin

There is one main route on Kayn,follow the path below and look for opportunities to gank, countergank and take objectives

Start at Raptors, followed by Red Buff, Krugs, Wolves, Blue and then Scuttlecrab.

The advantage to this pathing is that you don’t rely on a lane to gank after your clear as you’ll have enough gold to make a good start on your Warrior Skirmisher’s Sabre.

Priority lanes

Plan your paths and ganks to focus on lanes with melee champions so that you can get your form as soon as possible. If ganking a melee champion isn’t possible, look to invade the enemy jungler if they’re a weak duelist such as Zac or Amumu. Else, path towards objectives, being ready to counter gank when the opportunity arises. Don’t be afraid to gank botlane where the enemy support is melee, getting your form pre-10 minutes is ideal.


  • Warrior Enchant, Cleaver, Steraks, DD, Merc/Tabis, Visage, Randuins

  • time to cancel wards while in e, blue for scouting)

Starting Hunter’s Talisman, Kayn’s first purchase after recalling should work towards a Warrior Skirmisher’s Sabre, working towards Skirmisher’s Sabre first for faster clears; allowing Kayn to path across the map faster. Try to purchase Boots of Speed in between.

Afterwards, work towards a Blackcleaver - before upgrading your boots to Ninja Tabis (if Legend:Tenacity is taken) or Mercury Treads (if versus heavy CC). 

Change to Oracle Lens after your first recall to dent vision around objectives and gank without being seen.

Darkin Kayn’s next item should be his first defence item; either Spirit Visage (when against an AP heavy team) or Sterak’s Gage. If fed, work towards a Death Dance. Else, work towards other defence items such as Guardian Angel, Randuin’s Omen or Adaptive Helm.


  • Force teamfights, can 1v1 most champions but run the risk of enemies engaging on your team since you’re the frontline. Nuke enemy backline if fed, peel your backline if they need it - no one should touch your backline

Once formed, take advantage of Kayns W which now has a knockup and force fights where possible. Now that Kayn has healing on his skills, look to frontline teamfights and peel your carries.

When transformed into Rhaast, Kayn has strong damage and becomes a threat to carries. As such, look to 1v1 splitpushers - especially since Rhaast is a strong duelist.


While still strong, extra care is needed in teamfights as enemy carries will now be able to burst you with high damage. Try to protect your own carries, using Blade’s Reach to peel divers and interrupt threats such as Katarina’s ultimate. Use Umbral Trespass to heal during the fight, typically ulting their frontline as it heals based on the target’s maximum health. You can bait objectives such as Baron, as Darkin Kayn will have enough sustain to transition into a teamfight immediately.

  • This late into the game, if versus tank, you should force tf with rhaasts hp scaling/sustian

  • If enemy has lots of damage, rhaast can be bursted, stay with team and peel

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