Changes To Our League Of Legends Coaching Roster


New Head Coach and Academy Coach

As fans of Excel will know, our inaugural Split in the LEC was one of highs and lows. Competing at this level has been a superb experience for our young organisation and whilst we are proud of the efforts of our people, we have recognised the need to continue improving our performance support structure.


As part of this initiative, we are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Head Coach, David ‘DLim’ Lim, pending Riot Games approval and subject to work visas. David’s experience at Clutch Gaming, Team Liquid and most recently at Schalke 04 will be invaluable to Excel as we look to build upon our experiences in the LEC and create a thriving, high performance culture and environment. David stated that he is “very excited to have this opportunity to work with Excel and build something great with them. I see potential in the Excel organisation and can't wait to start working with everyone here."


Joining David is Tim ‘Timkiro’ Cho, who will join Excel as our new Academy Coach, subject to work visas. Tim brings a lot of experience to the role from his time at Team Liquid, Cloud 9 and Echo Fox. He’s excited to be leading our efforts to win the UKLC and EU Masters this Summer. David and Tim have worked together before so we are excited about the possibilities this brings for accelerating the development of all our players to ensure we have one of the most competitive 10-player rosters in Europe.

Whilst we are excited to welcome both David and Tim to the Excel organisation, we must also bid farewell to others.


Fond Farewells


After working together for over 3 years, Excel and Josh ‘Furndog’ Furneaux have reached an agreement to part ways. Furndog helped lead Excel to our first UK League of Legends title in the Autumn of 2017, before leading the development of our League of Legends rosters based out of our London Gaming House in 2018. Late last year, he also significantly inputted in to Excel’s LEC application. This application would go on to be successful and land Excel a spot in Europe’s number one esports league. We wish Josh all of the best for the future and he will always be a member of the Excel family.

We can also announce the departure of Petar ‘Unlimited’ Georgiev and Josh ‘Jarge’ Smith. Whilst Unlimited and Jarge have only been with Excel for a split, we greatly appreciate the contribution they have made to the organisation and to the development of our entire squad. Excel LEC was only two weeks old when they joined and they did much to help our players get established. They were instrumental in the clear improvement in results we enjoyed towards the end of our first Split and we know they will bring this momentum to their new roles. We will miss them.

There are likely further announcements to follow as we bolster our performance staff. We are very excited about the opportunities ahead of us and intend to kickstart our journey to the top of the LEC with a superb Summer Split. Thank you to all those who have supported us on our journey thus far, we look forward to continuing to entertain and compete at the highest level of League of Legends esports.


#ThriveTogether #XLWIN

- Joel Holmes-Darby, Director of Esports

Harrison Wheatley