How to Play Ezreal | League of Legends Champion Guide

Ezreal is an early spiking ADC in League of Legends who offers mobility and lots of fun skillshots to learn how to use, whilst also being playable into most opposition botlanes. Here's our video and written guides teaching you how to play the champion.



During the build process, try to get Tear of the Goddess then a Pickaxe or a Sheen before finishing up Manamune. Then build one of Iceborn-Gauntlet and Trinity Force, and then get a Blade of the Ruined King. The decision whether to choose Iceborn-Gauntlet or Trinity Force has to be made relative to the enemy’s composition.

Trinity Force is preferable when your team is really ahead or you’re the main source of damage on your team. Iceborn-Gauntlet is easier to play and is usually preferred when against heavy physical damage and melee champions.As far as boots are concerned, you mainly want Ionian Boots of Lucidity because of their cooldown reduction, however against heavy AD or AP teams you might want to get Mercury Treads or a Ninja Tabi.



Most of the time Ezreal is a really good blind pick champion because there are few lanes where he gets stomped. That said, there are no real matchups where Ezreal wins with ease. Some champions are particularly good at harassing Ezreal and pushing him into towers so you wouldn’t want to pick Ezreal against these. They include:

  • Caitlyn

  • Sivir

  • Varus

Good matchups to pick Ezreal into include weak-laning champions that he can easily push into a tower. They include the likes of:

  • Vayne

  • Tristana

  • Twitch



With most AD Carries you want to focus primarily on farming in lane, but with Ezreal you want his focus to be split between farming and also poking the opponent with his Q. Ezreal’s E functions like a “free” flash allowing you to take more aggressive fights and escape unscathed, however you need to be careful as your E drains mana really quickly. When playing Ezreal, shove the lane as much as possible to keep the enemy AD Carry under their tower. When they’re under tower, it’s much easier for you to hit your Q. Whilst not pressured, use Ezreal’s Q to push the wave, but be aware that your Q can quickly use up mana if used like this.


Kleptomancy is an incredibly useful rune for trading in the laning phase as it can give you items like health potions, gold or even mana when you hit your Q. Look to back after getting 750 gold and do so whilst the wave is shoved under the enemy tower. Try to buy a tear as soon as possible to get it stacking and ready for the mid-game. When walking back to lane I recommend checking your tear and if it isn’t on cooldown, throw out a spell of some sort to keep it stacking.



The mid-game starts when the first bot lane tower falls, which is when you should rotate to top lane. Be warned that this doesn’t always work at lower elos and if you’re unable to lane swap, try to play for drake. When taking towers or neutral objectives with Ezreal, try to keep your passive ability up, as your passive gives you attack speed for every ability you hit, so keep Qing whenever possible on minions.


Ezreal, unlike most AD Carries, has his largest power spike at two items, whereas most champions have three. Ezreal’s power spike is one of the hardest of any ADC, which is when you get your Triforce and Muramana. When you have your Muramana in addition to Triforce, try to force as much as possible because you will almost definitely be stronger than the enemy ADC. You can also use your E to jump over walls and use your E Q combo to burst enemies down.



In the late-game your team is likely to be grouped and trying to play for neutral objectives inhibitors and their respective towers. When sieging with Ezreal, or when posturing around neutral objectives, you want to throw out as many Qs as possible to poke down enemies before the fight actually starts. Despite your E’s mobility, try to not get engaged too heavily in a fight, because if you get hit by CC you’ll probably die.


One trick you can do is to flash while your ultimate is casting. To do this press R and then while the animation is finishing, flash in any direction and the ultimate will still come out as if you hadn’t flashed. This is an easy way of catching the enemy off-guard. The key to playing Ezreal in late game team-fights is ensuring you consistently land your Qs, otherwise you’re likely to lose a lot of DPS.


Mastering champions takes time and practice, but I hope you have found this guide useful! Make sure to follow us on social media.