EU-based competitive Vainglory team. Official Team Roster: Ethan ‘Aeroniac’ Kims; Leon ‘corteZ’ Sharma; and Kaan ‘NomadVagabond’ Özergün.


Ethan 'Aeroniac' Kims

Hello, my name is Ethan and I am 15 years old from Germany. My experience with MOBA games dates back to my time playing League of Legends background and since starting my Vainglory career I have played as the Lane/Carry for G2, Mousesports and Rising Lotus before joining exceL. My favourite heroes are Kestrel, Ringo and Baron.



Kaan 'NomadVagabond' Özergün

Hi, my name is Kaan and I am from Turkey. I have been playing Vainglory since the Android Beta and was part of team that took the 2nd spot at the Live Finals in Turkey in 2016. I play in the Roam position and my favourite heroes are Lance, Lyra and Ardan.




Leon 'corteZ' Sharma

Hello, my name is Leon and I am 18 years old from the United Kingdom. I have been playing Vainglory for over two years, playing as the role of Jungler in various competitive teams. My favourite heroes are Skye, Alpha and Celeste.