The Cogs of War! Gears of War Roster Announcement

22nd July 2017

We are excited to announce the latest acquisition in a string of talented additions to the exceL Esports stable. This time we have returned to a franchise with which we have multiple encounters with over the past couple of years - Gears of War. With the second season of competitive play for the franchise's fourth edition looming we have been keen to re-enter and continue to support a European community for which we have enjoyed our experience with thus far. Despite a number of LAN attendances, exceL Esports has yet to win a Gears of War event. To rectify this we have secured the services of one of Europe's best line-ups for the upcoming "Know your Roots: EU Open" event for the European Gears community, hosted by Multiplay, taking place on the 19th-20th of August. To confirm, our full roster for this event will include:

One part of the most notorious duo in EU Gears Esports, Will (Phelpzy) is the captain of the team and known for being one of the best slayers on the game. He started competing in Gears of War towards the end of Gears 3.

Matt (Krazed) who hails from Scotland, is time and time again referred to as the best player in European Gears esports. He consistently performs at the top level and forms the second part of the notorious duo within this team, linking together with skipper Phelpzy in to a formidable force in team fights.

Sam (Sammy) has risen through the rankings quickly in Gears of War 4, initially as an underrated player but now rightfully known as one of the most reliable team mates within the top squad in Europe. He is the home hill player of the team, and is a key component to every victory.

Ben (Hydrone) has also elevated himself quickly since the days of Gears of War 3 and is primarily known for his slaying capability and aggressive play-style. He is a scary player to face in 1v1s when on fire, and often makes the difference in crucial initials, catering well to the shotgun heavy play-style of EU's best.

Jay (JRage) is the newest addition to this leading line up and has already proven his importance in the side by quickly achieving a top 8 finishing at an international pro circuit event, during Season 1. Jay is the primary support player for the team and is expected to get better as time goes on as more and more chemistry is built up with the team.

Support this event by buying your tickets now!

Support this event by buying your tickets now!

This squad is the undisputed favourite for taking home this off-season tournament victory, along with the biggest chunk of the £4,000 prize pool and 5000 pro points on offer. Europe's top teams will be competing there, including Team Vitality and other rival squads that will be gunning for the crown of Europe's best. The second season of the Gears Pro Circuit start date is yet to be announced, but another $1 million has been put up by Microsoft, expected to increase further by crowdfunding. We look forward to competing in both competitions - keep up to date with the team's progress via our social media channels (found in the page footer)!

Credit: Toby Campbell, exceL Gears of War Team Manager