Street Fighter V Roster Announcement

8th May 2017

In our final Gfinity Elite Series roster announcement, we are pleased to introduce our completed Street Fighter V roster. This team represents some of the UK’s best in the FGC and has the potential to bring home the gold in what is set to be a competitive and exhilarating tournament! In addition to the Elite Series, the players will be representing exceL in other competitions, both in the UK and abroad, including the Capcom Pro Tour. The team consists of:

Infexious joins the roster as one of the most sought after SFV talents in the UK. Previously competing under the Rize banner, he has been successful in multiple tournaments over the past year and beyond. Recent successes include T3 finishes at the Capcom Pro Tour Premier EGX and the Kakutop League EU Invitational, in addition to T2 finishes in the Red Bull 5G UK series and in the 2017 Zowie Extreme Series qualifier.

Hurricane joins exceL as a recognised name in the UK SFV scene. His career to date has seen numerous event appearances, including Capcom Pro Tour EGX 2016 (7th), Fnatic Bunker Brawl (5th), Capcom Pro Tour Hypespotting 6 (9th) and the Beatdown London 2016 (1st).

Brian, another well-known UK SFV player, has played the game since its release back in early 2016. His first major event was the Capcom Pro Tour Hypespotting 6 event, where he secured a 3rd place finish, only losing out to two of Europe’s strongest players.

DarkMoonHado has played SFV since its release and was your typical casual gamer until he stumbled across a local LAN event at the CEX store in Glasgow back in April, 2016. Having entered as a completely unknown entity, he took 2nd spot and ever since has been a recognised competitor on the Scottish SFV circuit. His recent successes have included a 5th place finish at the Capcom Pro Tour Hypespotting 6 event.

We are excited to be supporting the team and urge you to keep an eye on all our social media to keep up to date with their progress: