EU-based competitive Street Fighter 5 team. Official Team Roster: DC 'Infexious' Coleman; Brian 'Brian' Thomson; Jack 'DarkMoonHado' Scott; Claude ‘Hurricane’ Diboti; Ross 'Brickterium' O Leary; 'Ninieru'

DC 'Infexious' Coleman 

Hi my names DC, previously competing under the Rize banner, I have been successful in multiple tournaments over the past year and beyond. Recent successes include T3 finishes at the Capcom Pro Tour Premier EGX and the Kakutop League EU Invitational, in addition to T2 finishes in the Red Bull 5G UK series and in the 2017 Zowie Extreme Series qualifier.



Brian 'Brian' Thomson

Hi, my name is Brian, also known as Brian in game ;). I have played the game since its release back in early 2016. My first major event was the Capcom Pro Tour Hypespotting 6 event, where I secured a 3rd place finish, only losing out to two of Europe’s strongest players. Hoping to achieve further success with the help of exceL!



Claude 'Hurricane' Diboti

Hi, my name is Claude, my career to date has seen numerous event appearances, including Capcom Pro Tour EGX 2016 (7th), Fnatic Bunker Brawl (5th), Capcom Pro Tour Hypespotting 6 (9th) and the Beatdown London 2016 (1st). I have a talented team with exceL and excited for the future. 



Ross 'Brickterium' O'Leary

Hey Ross AKA Brickterium here, I'm Irish Street Fighter player. Been playing fighting games for the better part of 10 years now and with the launch of SFV I've been travelling around europe competing. Cannot wait to see what I can do with exceL!




Thor 'GingerV1k1' Jensen

I was born and raised in Denmark and I am the number 1 SFV player in Denmark. I have only started traveling for tournaments within the last year. In that short time, I have improved from placing T46 to placing T9 or T16. I am however still looking for my breakthrough at an international tournament.