Smite: SCL Summer Split 2016

18th August 2016

Having announced exceL’s first ever venture into the world of SMITE a few short months ago with our SMITE Console League (SCL) team; the season has now come to an end.

Before the summer split - and the first ever season of console SMITE - commenced, we had high hopes of being able to reach the top 2 and the summer split finals; however this was not to be. A disappointing start to the season spiralled into a 0-16 map record heading into the final week of competition where we hoped to round off the season with at least a map win to our name. We managed better than that by securing exceL’s first SMITE victory and finishing 2-16 for the season as we finished 4th and headed to relegations. Despite our record, it was not all doom and gloom or clear cut  throughout the season, we had come close in many games, taking the lead and winning valuable team fights but were just unable to close them out.

We ended the season how we had started it, with a roster change. Before any games had begun Chris “Ruler” Shaw left our roster and was replaced by Samuli “Kaajee” Kandolin whilst in the penultimate week, Rhys “Fudge” Robottom announced his desire to leave the team. This meant the team would use a substitute for the final game whilst still looking for our 5th player to round off our roster.

As we head into relegations the team are confident of beating any opponent in order to retain their status as a SCL team. We have every faith and confidence in the team to do so and cannot wait for to see what the team are truly capable of.