Smite: exceL Smite Announced

10th May 2016

After a relatively quiet past few weeks exceL have been working hard behind the scenes to bring ourselves back to the top of UK eSports. With that being said we would like to announce the signing of an Xbox One competitive Smite team, who shall be competing in the upcoming split of HiRez's Smite Console League (SCL). The team is as follows:

  • Support - Chris “Ruler” Shaw
  • Mid - Brandon “Rawski” Rawski
  • ADC - Carl “B3AN” Gill
  • Jungle - Rhys “Fudge” Robottom
  • Solo - Ben “Hadders” Hadley

Having qualified as the 4th seed team, exceL.Smite will make their debut in the Smite Console League on the 30th of May. With Ruler having placed 2nd in the first ever UK LAN event for Smite, the team are well placed with a new shot caller for the forthcoming season with the rest of the team having been on the same roster from 4 months to a year. Managing Director Joel Holmes-Darby discussed the thought process behind signing the team to the exceL eSports brand:

"Smite has been a game we've been looking for the right opportunity to get involved in for a while now. HiRez's developer support for the game's eSports scene is impressive and highly promising and the game itself offers some of the most entertaining gameplay I have seen. We opted to go for the Smite Console League as opposed to the PC equivalent because of exceL eSports's enduring reputation amongst EU console eSports and our desire to continue to build our brand in this area. I am very excited to be working with this team as they have shown great promise throughout qualification for the SCL and we are looking forward to seeing them continue their good form as the split begins later this month."

Chris 'Ruler' Shaw commented on the team's decision to join exceL eSports:

"The team and I are very excited to represent exceL in the upcoming Smite Console League. We are really happy with the support and enthusiasm the organisation has already provided us. I am looking forward to proving we are a top contender this split and not to be underestimated."

Here at exceL we have high hopes for the team going forward and we would love for you to get behind the team at every opportunity.