Product Review: SCUF Infinity

28th August 2016

We have teams competing at the highest level in eSports, so the equipment used by our pros must be the best on the market. That’s why exceL’s console teams use SCUF Gaming Controllers. With the most updated SCUF on the market, the Infinity is the obvious choice to help you become the best!

The SCUF Infinity is available for Xbox One (Scuf Infinity 1) and for PS4 (Scuf Infinity 4PS). This controller implements the beautiful simplicity of the standard console controllers and a sleek design of multi-purpose paddles. The design features don’t stop there. With the potential to customise LED’s, controller grip and even thumbsticks you can really personalise your gaming experience. The Infinity although beautiful, isn’t just about looks. The SCUF controller is used predominately in the FPS scene as its sharp response time is second to none. The SCUF’s well designed paddles allow you to make swift movements while still maintained the precision of your aim.



Our Gears of War Captain, Charlie ‘Brutalize’ Badham had this to say:

“When it comes to competitive gaming you need anything that can give you the advantage. SCUF controllers are the perfect way to give you this edge. It allows me to shoot faster with the implemented trigger stops and the paddles make it so efficient for me to ‘wall bounce’ and manoeuvre around the map. The grip on the controller keeps my hands from getting sweaty whilst on the grind!”


The SCUF Infinity allows you to find your ideal set-up with next to no trouble. With the option of changing your thumbsticks on the go using the SCUF Infinity rings, it couldn’t be easier! The controller now also implements a ‘control disc’ option that can replace your Dpad. This attachment provides you with more surface area, in turn making it easier to move your thumb around the Dpad. If you have ambitions of becoming the best in your field of gaming, it should always begin with SCUF.

C: @xL_Naphtha