EU-based competitive Rocket League. Official Team Roster: Jamie 'Lunation' Fisher; Jack 'Alieuzz' Moore; Christopher 'Wrong_Way_Woody' Nunn; Alex 'ALEX AFN1910' Nunn; Niels ‘Nielskoek ’ Koek; Jake ‘Jakeypoo’ Cassemis; Hampus 'Zensuz' Oberg

Jamie 'Lunation' Fisher

I have played Rocket league since its closed Alpha stage, before Rocket League I was in several top-10 teams and have had numerous top 4 finishes throughout the scene. I had recently reached the last-eight Group Stage of Rocket League Season 1 with Comrade Gaming and wish to succeed further with Excel!



Jack ‘Alieuzz’ Moore

I began Rocket League since release and I formed my first team with Lunation, my noticeable achievement is winning the ESL Monthly final with Lunation himself, and played a key part in the sucesses of the North in the Red Bull 5G LAN tournament!



Christopher ‘Wrong_Way_Woody’ Nunn

I got into Rocket League while browsing through the PSN Store, I particatped in Both Alpha and Beta of RL and since have been extremely active with the game and community. I cannot wait for the Gfinity Elie Series with exceL -  I am a multiple winner of ESL and Gfinity events and I hope to bring that success with exceL.



Alex 'Alex AFN1910' Nunn [Sub]

Yes, I can confirm I have brothers with Chris! I am the sub for exceL Rocket League Gfinity Elite Series and I hope I can bring them success. I reached the final of the first two competitive Rocket League tournaments and since have been studying for my Master Law degree.



Niels 'Nielskoek' Koek

Founder of the best team name in the wold, Cow Nose. Played all the previous RLCS tournaments and finally made league play last time. Biggest achievement: Dreamhack Sweden semi finals for sure.




Jake 'Jakeypoo' Cassemis

Welsh player, 22 years old. Motivated to become the best player in EU eventually and thanks to exceL for giving me this opportunity I hope to one day get to the top. 





Hampus 'Zensuz' Oberg

My name is Hampus and I'm 17 years old from Sweden. My biggest intrest growing up was fotball but eventually i found Rocket League. I've been playing it for about 3 years and that together with school has become my life. Recently I played RLCS which was a great experience. Now looking forward to the future ahead.