EU-based competitive Rocket League. Official Team Roster: Niels ‘Nielskoek ’ Koek; Hampus 'Zensuz' Oberg; Kasper 'Pwndx' Nielsen

Niels 'Nielskoek' Koek

Founder of the best team name in the wold, Cow Nose. Played all the previous RLCS tournaments and finally made league play last time. Biggest achievement: Dreamhack Sweden semi finals for sure.





Hampus 'Zensuz' Oberg

My name is Hampus and I'm 17 years old from Sweden. My biggest intrest growing up was fotball but eventually i found Rocket League. I've been playing it for about 3 years and that together with school has become my life. Recently I played RLCS which was a great experience. Now looking forward to the future ahead. 




Kasper 'Pwndx' Nielsen

I began playing Rocket League shortly after its release. I quickly realised that this game brought much joy to me. Since then, I have dedicated many hours a day simply because I enjoyed it. And now I'm now competing at the top level of the scene, qualifying for the last two seasons of RLCS.