RL: DreamHack Sweden 2017

2nd July 2017

Dreamhack Summer took place in Jönköping, Sweden in June 2017. With Psyonix announcing their support of the event not long before we thought that it would be the ideal event for our recently acquired Rocket League team to attend. This would provide the team with a great opportunity to get LAN experience as a team just in time for the Gfinity Elite series starting in a few days time. 

The tournament would take place over two days consisting of two separate rounds, one for each day. On day one 25 teams would compete in groups with the top two from each making it to the 2nd day of competition and this is where the team would get off to a great start. Their first game came against Under Ekvatorn whom they swept aside progressing to play against Defuse Kids, a team consisting of some notable players including our very own Elite Series draft player, Nielskoek as well as the most recent Multiplay Insomnia champion. It was fair to say, this would be an incredibly tough game and unfortunately Defuse Kids came out with a convincing win and Nielskoek continuing his goal scoring prowess he is known for. The exceL boys were not out of it yet though with a rematch against Under Ekvatorn with a place in the day 2 bracket at stake, much like the first series, exceL came out with the victory and secured their spot. 

Going into day 2, the team and staff were confident that they could come out swinging despite the tough opposition that lay ahead with the eventual winners Flipsid3 Tactics and the highly rate Infused rosters being in our group. Infused would be our first opponents and unfortunately would knock us into the lower bracket of the group with a clean 2-0 victory meaning we would play Bobs Bonor for a spot in the lower bracket final for the group. Bobs Bonor having just came off a 2-1 loss to Flipsid3 would be a tough opponent and despite a strong performance from the exceL roster, we would fall 2-1 and ultimately out of the Dreamhack Summer tournament finishing 13th-15th. 

Dreamhack provided the team with an opportunity to compete against some of the best teams in the world and even cast a close eye on some of our Gfinity Elite Series opponents and draft picks. We are looking forward to seeing the team compete in the Elite Series and to seeing how much they can progress as a team while competing against high calibre opponents on a weekly basis. Be sure to follow our social media channels for all updates on the Gfinity Elite Series and more as we follow our Rocket League team's future ventures!

C: Kieran "RedDevilKT" Taylor