R6: exceL Rainbow Six Announced

10th May 2016

Today we are delighted to announce the introduction of our first competitive Rainbow Six line-up. The team, consisting of Jake 'JLAne' Lane, Adam 'Webster' Webster, Joe 'Maestro' Woods, Michael 'Smitch' Smith and team captain Mitch 'Tizoxic' Randell, will be competing in season 2 of the ESL R6 Pro League. Their qualification route has thus far seen them emerge victorious in the first two qualification tournaments, guaranteeing them entry in to the second season of the highly coveted EU pro division. 

Managing Director Joel Holmes-Darby explained the rationale behind the decision to introduce a Rainbow Six team to exceL eSports:

"Rainbow Six as a franchise has a close place to my heart after having spent many hours myself playing RS: Vegas 2 back in the day. After the release of Siege, we had hoped there would be eSports support and ESL delivered in fashion by introducing another rendition of their popular Pro League format. We wanted to find a team for season 1 but circumstances meant we weren't able to do so. However after the conclusion of that season and the commencement of the qualifiers for season 2, we approached the team we saw the most potential in and their performances since we made initial contact only compounded our decision to bring them on board. We promised after the transfer of our Call of Duty team that we would be maintaining our presence in EU console eSports and this move is part of the delivery of that objective."

Team captain Mitch also commented on the team's decision to join exceL eSports for the upcoming season:

"We are really excited to be joining under the exceL eSports banner for season 2 of the [EU] Rainbow Six Xbox pro league. We as a team have had our difficulties as any other team would, but we have come through these problems stronger than before and that has spurred us on to qualification. We as a team possess high levels of ambition and a positive attitude towards our future with exceL. We are confident we can finish the season strong and qualify for the global finals and we very excited to be embarking on this journey with exceL."

We hope you will join us in welcoming the team and showing them your support on social media. Keep checking back to hear updates on their exploits over the coming months!