CoD: CWL Week 2 Recap

24th January 2016


Owen 'Naphtha' Macro recaps exceL.CoD's second week in the Call of Duty World League, hosted by ESL and Activision. Read more.




Halo: World Championship Tour [UK]

18th January 2016

Owen 'Naphtha' Macro recaps exceL's experience at the recent Halo World Championship Tour, UK regionals tournament live from the Gfinity Arena in London. Read more




CoD: CWL Week 1 Recap

15th January 2016

Owen 'Naphtha' Macro recaps exceL.CoD's first week in the Call of Duty World League, hosted by ESL. Read more.




LoL: Roster Announcement for 2016

17th December 2015

Close friend of exceL and professional caster Ceirnan 'Excoundrel' Lowe introduces exceL eSports's new League of Legends team! Read more.



CoD: Qualification for the Call of Duty World League

17th December 2015

We are delighted to confirm our qualification for Activition & ESL's Call of Duty World League [EU]. Read more.




Halo: exceL Announces First Halo Roster

5th December 2015

exceL eSports announces its first competitive Halo roster ahead of the UK arm of Halo World Championships. Read more.



CoD: 4th Place at AM2Pro3

30th November 2015

Article 4.jpg

A review of last weekend's Call of Duty AM2Pro3 LAN Event, hosted at Peterborough Garden Centre. Read more.




exceL eSports: Further Investigation Required

15th February 2015

exceL Content Creator Peter Grabowski (@xL_PeterG) provides a behind-the-scenes insight of the first morning of the AM2Pro LAN Event hosted in Leicester in February 2014. Read more.




A Young Organisation Looks to exceL

2nd February 2015

Today's article focuses on exceL eSports as an organisation, its owners and their vision. Written by talented writer Peter Grabowski and based on an interview with the organisations' co-owners Joel & Kieran. Read more.





Interview Series #1: exceL.CoD

31st January 2015

The first in our interview series of articles. Today's article focuses on presenting an initial introduction to the organisation and includes an interview with our exceL.CoD Roster in the run up to next weekend's AM2Pro LAN Event in Leicester. Read more.