#MyScuf: Pwndx

2nd November 2016

The exceL•Rocket League team are battling it out in the Gfinity Elite Series every Saturday morning and preparing for the next season of RLCS. That said, Kasper 'Pwndx' Nielsen sat down with us and took the time to explain the current goals of the team, as well as why he uses SCUF controllers. We want to find out what your SCUF controller looks like, so be sure to tweet a picture at both @exceL and @ScufGaming using the hashtag #MyScuf!

How did you first get into the world of gaming?

I have played video games [for as long as] I can remember. As it was a long time ago, I can’t quite remember exactly why I started playing, but it was probably because I saw my friends playing games on their handheld devices, which led me to want one like theirs.

And so what led you to playing Rocket League?

I was just casually browsing the Steam store a couple weeks after the release of Rocket League. That was when I discovered Rocket League: I quickly thought that it looked like a ton of fun and I picked it up instantly.

How would you describe your playstyle and role within the team?

As Rocket League is a fast-paced game, it’s hard to define specific roles for each player on a team. However, I usually find myself being the sweeper, like the third man to clean up the rest.

Why do you keep using SCUF controllers over others?

I like the fact that you can configure the SCUF controller in a way you can’t with a standard controller. There’s also great grips on the analog sticks and where you rest your hands.

Can you talk us through your SCUF controller and how you have it configured?

My SCUF controller is orange and black because they are the colours of exceL. I removed the back pedals from the controller because I don’t use them to play Rocket League.

Currently you are playing in the Gfinity Elite Series, what lessons have you learnt from the weekly LAN league and thus what has your focus in practice been?

It is definitely different to play on a LAN setup compared to your own setup at home. It will never feel the same. We, as a team, find it harder to compete on the LAN setups compared to when we are playing at home. This is the main reason why we take a plane to London each weekend, to improve in a LAN environment. This is much needed as every top tier tournaments finals, such as RLCS, will be played in a LAN environment.

Finally, what are the current goals of the team in the longer term?

We have had a great season in RLCS, as we reached playoffs and secured a spot in the next season [of the competition]. I believe our goal for the next season is to make the LAN, [which is] top 4 in EU in RLCS. In the Gfinity Elite Series, we definitely aim to be a contender for the trophy. However, we need to focus on getting comfortable in the LAN environment.


If you want to buy yourself a new SCUF controller, be sure to use the code “exceL” for a 5% discount, as well as follow Pwndx’s social media below.