LoL: Welcome to Samma and Zhandia

16th May 2016

With the ESL UK League of Legends Summer Split coming up, we are glad to announce that we have revamped our roster with the intention to become the best League of Legends team in the UK. With this in mind we have unfortunately seen the mutual termination of the contracts of both Kieran ‘Keys’ John and Reece ‘Reecicle’ Sharratt, who have moved on to pastures new. We wish them good luck in everything they do and thank them both for their time spent with us! In their place we have decided to bring in some European talent with Vladimir ‘Samma’ Dimov taking over in top lane and Sander ‘Zhandia’ Skogstad coming in to mid lane. With these two additions, joining Skudzy, Unsupportive and Sebla, we believe we can take exceL League of Legends to the next level!

With this change in roster we are also extremely excited to be working with Josh ‘Furndog’ Furneaux. Josh is one of the top UK talents in coaching, having previously worked on the coaching staff at Fnatic, Perilous and TCA, and we are already seeing great improvement from the team in the time he has been with us. He will be joining Ryan ‘Barnetto’ Barnett and Matt 'Crolux' McClenaghan on the coaching/management team. Thanks for all the support everyone has given us so far and we look forward to the future!