LoL: 2017 - The Wards are in Place

13th December 2016

Now that the 2016 season is officially over, it’s time to look back on what has been a successful year for our League of Legends team. Despite going through many changes, to reach the semi-finals of the ESL UK Premiership and to finish third in the UK Masters shows that we have a lot to look forward to in 2017.

“Our 2016 goal was to be the third best team in the UK,” said Matt McClenaghan, our League of Legends manager. “We’ve gone from being new to the scene to challenging the established favourites in MnM Gaming and TCA eSports in just one year. To take MnM to a full three-game series three times (between the ESL UK Premiership and the UK Masters) was a massive confidence boost for us, and shows that we are developing into a very strong team.”

Our UK Masters season was characterised by dominant wins (including a rapid 2-0 over TCA) and close losses, finishing in third place with a 4-3 record to reach the playoffs. After a tight 2-1 series loss to MnM in the first round, we dropped into the losers’ bracket, where we recorded a 2-1 victory over UK Legends to earn a second shot at reaching the LAN finals at Insomnia 59. However, another close 2-1 loss to MnM saw us end Season 2 in a very creditable third place, leaving us with plenty of positives to take into next season.

Now that the 2017 season is in full-swing, more changes will come. Players retiring or moving on mean that our roster needs to be rebuilt. “Seeing that we can challenge the likes of MnM, our goal now is to kick on and become the best UK team,” Matt said. “We have a lot going on with building a roster, and it’s looking good so far. With Ryan and Josh working hard behind the scenes, I have no doubt that we can reach our goal and even push beyond it.”

We’d like to extend our thanks to all the players who helped establish us as a major UK player this year – their hard work and dedication mean we have a fantastic platform to build on here at exceL! 

Stay tuned for more on our 2017 roster!