EU-based competitive League of Legends team. Official Team Roster: Jordan 'Shikari' Pointon; Christian 'Taxer' Jensen; Brayan 'Kruimel' van Oosten; Nihat 'Innaxe' Aliev; Dan 'Aux' Harrison. The team is supported by an extensive staff team, including: Team Manager Matthew 'Crolux' McClenaghan; Head Coach.


Jordan 'Shikari' Pointon

Hey. My name is Jordan. I am an ESL UK finalist and aiming to go the whole distance this time with exceL. 



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Christian 'Taxer' Jensen

Hello my name is Christian, known in game as Taxer and I play jungle for Excel league of legends. Competed in Copenhagen Flames scouting grounds, aiming to win all there is in UK




Brayan 'Kruimel' van Oosten

Hey! I'm Brayan, also known as Kruimel and I'm the midlaner for the exceL's League of Legends team! I have been played League for over 4 years now, still trying to be one of the best midlands. Currently high challenger and focusing on getting even higher



Nihat 'Innaxe' Aliev

Hey! I'm Nihat, known in game as Innaxe, and I'm the ADC player the exceL LoL team! Challenger Marksman, ESL UK finalist looking to go pro. Also love the gym in my spare time. 




Dan 'Aux' Harrison [Support]

Hi my name is Dan, known in game as Aux, and I'm the Support for the excel LoL team. I've been playing League of Legends since season 4 and my peak was master tier. I'm happy to be continuing with excel and hope that we can improve on our result from last year of 3rd/4th and I'm confident we have the talent and supporting staff to do so.


Matthew 'Crolux' McClenaghan [Team Manager]

Hi, I'm Matt. I'm 21 from Belfast and studying Accounting. I'm the League of Legends Manager and Head of Finance for exceL. When I'm not gaming I play football, table tennis and hit the gym.