HS: A Review of the 2016 Summer Season

16th December 2016

The 2016 Summer Season was relatively successful for our Hearthstone professionals, Nick 'HelloLeeroy' Waugh and Alexander 'Osha' Polyviou, who qualified for and competed in the ESLUK Premiership, despite both finding themselves disappointed with their respective season finishes. Osha came 7th in the league, narrowly beating out a prominent and respected Hearthstone player Raven to secure a better seed going into next years re-qualification. He performed admirably throughout the split often taking the top seeds to very close 3-2 series, and deserved to feel hard done by due to the manner in which some games were won.


HelloLeeroy had better success in this particular split of the Premiership's online group stage, qualifying as second seed going into the ESL UK premiership finals. This saw him pitted against Jambre, one of the most successful UK Hearthstone players on an international stage.  Jambre brought a line up designed to counter most of the current meta and in the first match HelloLeeroy succumbed to Jambre 3-0. The second match of the ESL UK premiership finals was a rematch from the last finals, arguably against HelloLeeroy's biggest rival in the league, BoarControl, whom he was to play for tournament survival. The match went the distance but history repeated itself and HelloLeeroy found himself thrown into another 4th place position. However, he automatically qualifies for next season and we will be supporting both him and Osha in their attempts to grab the Premiership title next year! 


In addition to the ESLUK Premiership, HelloLeeroy also competed in the Redbull 5G finals hosted in Birmingham City library, which he was able to qualify for through an impressive 11-1 record in the online qualifying competitions. This unique venue paved the way for a unique competition where teams from the north and the south competed across five different eSports in intense UK-only competitions. By the time HelloLeeroy took the stage the south had already won the day with a 3-0 scoreline but he had a chance to further increase that lead. However a narrow 3-2 loss to his opponent was a small consolation prize for the north team. As a reward for having qualified for the 5G finals, HelloLeeroy now finds himself on an all expense paid trip to Japan courtesy of Redbull! We wish him safe travels and hope he has a fantastic time. We now look forward to the 2017 season and to further success for Nick and Alex as to aim to build upon their competitive experiences this year.