How To Play Menat | Top 3 Tips | SFV Guide

Menat is a very technical character with a unique playstyle for Street Fighter V; when learning how to play her, it is important to take it one step at a time to avoid being overwhelmed by the workload. Here are 3 tips to get you started.

1. Spacing

In all fighting games, it is important to keep your opponent at the range which best suits your character’s playstyle. With Menat, her main strength is at medium-to-long range battles, until she builds up V-Trigger, which provides her with a temporary close-combat buff. Given her game plan is based mainly around zoning her opponent, she doesn’t rely on applying pressure after knockdown situations like a lot of other characters. In fact, she doesn’t have a large advantage in many knockdown situations at all. So when you knock an opponent down, focus more on positioning yourself at a comfortable range rather than trying to get back into the fray.

2. Button Choice

Since Menat has few defensive options, it is very important to weigh up the risk/reward of each button press. By committing to medium or heavy attacks in neutral gameplay, you leave yourself open to jump-ins or negative frames when blocked, allowing your opponent to 'get in' easily. Specific button choice varies wildly for each matchup and thus takes time to learn.

For example, when playing against characters with strong jump-ins such as Rashid or Necalli, it is safer to stick to light attacks in neutral play, so that you are able to anti-air any jump-in attempts. Another example is the match-up against Balrog - a blocked medium punch in neutral is so negative that Balrog gets a free dash straight, allowing him to get within close range of her for free. The solution to this specific example is to use max range heavy punches instead of the medium punches. If the Balrog tries to dash straight after blocking the heavy punch in order to 'get in', then Menat can counter with a light attack.

3. V-Trigger Combos

Menat’s V-Trigger enables her to confirm stray hits into full combos for lots of damage. When playing Menat, it is very important that you are able to take full advantage of her strong V-Trigger. A good place to start when learning her V-Trigger combos is learning the three most common confirms that you will use. Examples of each are given below and to begin with, I recommend you watch them at half speed:

Close-range medium attack starter In this case, after activating you follow up with a slide and then release the medium kick V-Trigger orb. This pulls you in close enough to complete the full combo using each of the orbs.

Light attack starter The follow-up after this activation is slightly different, as you combo a crouched medium punch and cancel into a medium punch Soul Sphere. You then follow this by two V-Trigger orbs at once, as both orbs are needed in order to get the full combo: together they make up for the lack of hit stun on the light attack.

Long-range medium punch starter This activation follow up is by far the most tricky to learn: You need to use negative edge for the first V-Trigger orb (medium punch) and time the second V-Trigger orb (medium kick) correctly or else the combo will drop. After activating from the medium punch, keep the button held in. Then release the medium punch button once the animation is finished and then press medium punch again. The second medium punch will hit, with the medium punch V-Trigger orb shortly following behind. When this orb passes through the character, release the medium kick V-Trigger orb to allow for time for the jump-in to continue the combo.

These examples are only basic and could be optimised further, but this would also make them harder to execute.


Menat is a character you can’t learn on paper. It is more useful to learn the basics, get your combos down and then grind games to familiarise yourself with each matchup. It is also just as important to watch your games back, in order to identify strong areas of your game to build-on and weak areas of your game to improve.

Once you have learnt the basics, the next step is to learn resets which can be used during the V-Trigger combos to maximise damage and to avoid damage scaling as much as possible. The match below has several examples of these. Although each reset is blocked correctly, the most important thing here is that the opponent remains in a 50/50 situation and Menat is totally safe. When using any Street Fighter V character's V-Trigger, the aim is to always ensure that the risk/reward is highly in your favour.