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Halo Roster Announcement

8th September 2017

With the European HCS Fall Open just around the corner, we are excited to announce our new roster heading into the event:

  • Arkel ‘Snakey’ Brown
  • Hamzah ‘Phlux’ Nackvi
  • Michael ‘Snipedrone’ Juchau
  • Andrew ‘Rami’ Corrigan
  • Xavier ‘Xavi’ Spiller (Coach)

As regular faces within the top echelons of European Halo, they are no strangers to tough competition. With Snakey previously representing excel, being part of the 9th-12th 2016 Halo World Championship Finals team, and Snipedrone also placing 5th-8th with Epsilon esports, this roster is not short of world class talent.

Rami brings veteran experience to the squad, having competed in multiple Halo events over the years with titles and top placements aplenty, including a 9th-12th finish at HaloWC Final 2016 with Team Infused. Well-known competitor Phlux has consistently placed Top 4 in each league and event since his return to Halo last year.

Backing up this solid squad is none other than the vastly experienced coach Xavier. Having coached multiple teams at multiple events, he is one of - if not the best - coaches in European Halo.

When this roster first approached us, I knew we had to get them onboard. Seeing their performance in the Week 1 & 2 seeding cups it would have been a huge mistake to miss out on working with five exceptional members of the EU Halo scene! With this roster currently being tied in seeding points with Team Infused with one cup remaining, we’re expecting big things going into the event.
— Leuis 'Prsma' Charles, Halo Manager
Feels like I’m home again - exceL is by far my favourite org I have represented, and I’m happy to be under them again. Going into this event I’m confident in my teammates, I enjoy playing with these guys and we’re all hungry for the W.
— Arkel 'Snakey' Brown

Next weekend, this roster will be competing at Gfinity’s HCS London Open for one of three available qualification spots. If achieved, it would see them make the trip across the Atlantic to compete against the world’s very best at HCS Denver.

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C: Leuis 'Prsma' Charles