GoW: The Cogs are Turning

2nd April 2016

This article has been written to give everyone a general update of where exceL.GoW are currently at and what they have been up to in the past few months, starting with AM2PRO 4.

AM2PRO 4 – Blackpool – Gears of War – 12th/13th March 2016

Coming into AM2PRO 4, exceL.GoW were arguably the favourites, or at least in everyone’s Top 3 predictions. The competition was fierce with the likes of strong online performers eQ, E4 and Fragment turning up for the event.

(Group Stages) After going 2-0 in Group C vs Prosperity and Cutting Edge in comfortable wins, we had to play Fragment to decide who would top the group. This match-up was what many thought could be the Grand Final. An extremely hotly contested match saw Fragment come out 2-1, 4-3 last map victors. We took 2nd in the group.

(Winners Bracket) Our Winners Bracket run saw us take out Nova 3-0 before we had to face the high-flyers eQ. This one went the distance as well, only for eQ to take it 3-2, 4-3 last map again! A theme was developing.

(Losers Bracket) After taking out Enigma comfortably 3-0, it was time to face possibly our fiercest rivals in E4. This time a 3-2, 4-3 last map went our way! We had secured Top 4. Ironically our next match against Evo was a much easier match-up and after a convincing win we were back to play Fragment to see who would advance to the Grand Final vs eQ who had dominated the Winners Bracket. You guessed it. Our event came to an end in another 4-3 last map loss! Fragment clutched up for the second time against us to knock us out of the tournament and give us a final placement of 3rd. Check out our photos page to see some of the pictures from the event.

Reflections & What’s Next

The team and the organisation were fairly happy with the 3rd placement despite feeling like we could’ve gone on to win the event. It was clear that to get to the next level it was necessary to bring in some experience to the line-up. It is with this that we had to say goodbye to the very talented Kieran ‘Matrix’ Kinsley and pick up a player who fit more comfortably into the line-up.

Thus, we would like to announce our brand new 4th in the form of Charlie ‘xL Chucky’ Brown! Chucky is a well-known player in European Gears of War, winning EGL 14 (the previous event on GoW: Ultimate Edition). It is with his experience that exceL.GoW now push on in their goal to bring home an event win for exceL. The next events for exceL.GoW look to be SFCO in Paris (June) and Am2Pro 5 in Blackpool (July).

Until then, focus was back to online for exceL.GoW and back to competing in Doesplay and ESL tournaments. After an impressive string of online ESL performances, exceL.GoW built up enough points and clinched a spot in the Top 4 European teams which will compete in this Sunday’s (03/04/2016) ESL Showdown! This should prove to be a great day of European Gears of War and you can watch it all unfold on our very own Joshua ‘xL Trinder’ Fagan’s stream. Don’t forget we are giving away a ‘Neptune’ Community Skin (details of the giveaway can be found here), and the winner will be announced LIVE during Trinder’s Sunday Stream - we hope to see you there!