Gfinity Elite Series | Week 7 Recap

22nd August 2017

The Elite Series regular season has come to an end but that is definitely not the last you will see of exceL in season one. We had qualification for the Street Fighter V playoffs already confirmed before the final round of games, all that we were playing for was seeding. In Counter-Strike, we needed to not only get a win ourselves, but for other results to go our way so that we could make it to playoffs. For Rocket League however, we were already out of contention for a playoff place but held the key to qualification for others.

Street Fighter V

Great shot of the main man DC 'Infexious' Coleman walking out to do the business! Joe Brady Photography.

Great shot of the main man DC 'Infexious' Coleman walking out to do the business! Joe Brady Photography.

Going into week seven we were at the top of the standings. As the regular season came to a close, that is exactly where we finished. We stood in the way of Prophecy as they hoped to qualify for playoff. To do that, they had to beat us but we were in the mood for playing spoiler.

Game one saw Hurricane take on RealMenace. The first round started patiently but getting Menace’s Balrog into the corner helped to secure the round. The second round was more back and forth as Menace got Hurricane into the corner and stunned him but could not finish off the Cammy. Hurricane, when presented the opportunity, got a stun of his own but managed to finish off the round and game with the critical art.

Game two between Brian and Shivryuken was an incredibly tight affair with trades galore. The first round went down to the wire with Brian coming back to take the round with only seconds left on the clock. Trading was the name of the game in round two until Brian was put into the corner before blocking his way out. He eventually closed out his game 2-0, giving us a comfortable series lead.

Akainu started well in his game against Infexious, getting him down low and despite a fightback, managed to secure the first round for Prophecy. Round two was all Infexious as he pushed Akainu into the corner and didn’t let him out until the game was done and the game was tied at one apiece. A patient start from Infexious gave him an early advantage but Akainu came roaring back. It wasn’t enough to give him the round as Infexious closed out the game and series with the critical art.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This iconic photo of Jake 'Boaster' Howlett seems fitting to use right now! Joe Brady Photography.

This iconic photo of Jake 'Boaster' Howlett seems fitting to use right now! Joe Brady Photography.

In the run up to the final weekend, we had only one a single series but were still in contention for a playoff spot. For that to happen, we had to beat Infused whilst hoping Reason could take at least one map from Endpoint in their game.

Map one - Inferno - started how we needed it to - with a pistol round win. We lost the next two but that lead to a number of rounds being traded until at 4-3, we started to extended the lead on our T-side. Going into the half, we lead 12-3 and had some incredible rounds from the team with Conor picking up doubles and triple kill rounds galore and a great 1v2 clutch by Luzuh. Infused won the second pistol round and gained a further two rounds from it. That however, was to be the only rounds they got as we closed out the game with a rather dominating 16-6 scoreline.

The second game had everyone from the staff at home, to everyone in the arena on edge with what was about to ensue. Once again starting on T-side, we lost the first pistol round of Mirage. Much like the first game, we traded round after round with Infused right until the half. We headed into the much favoured CT-side trailing 8-7. The second pistol round once again went the way of Infused and they extended their lead to 11-7. From here we traded a few rounds until they came to within a single round of winning at 15-9. This is when we mounted the comeback, playing fearlessly knowing that we had to win the next six rounds to take the game to overtime and have a chance at playoffs. Slowly but surely, round after round, we strung together wins until at last we were dead even. With the momentum in our favour, we secured the first three rounds of overtime before we eventually finished out the game 19-16. It was an incredible comeback winning 9 CT rounds in a row, a side that we had struggled with until now.

Thankfully for the team and everyone behind the scenes, we didn’t have to wait long to find out whether we had qualified. With Reason up straight after our game, they managed to take the first map from Endpoint. This meant that we had qualified for playoffs, albeit waiting until the very last week to make it there.

Rocket League

Despite the loss, big smiles from Alex 'AFN1910' Nunn who scored the first goal of the series! Joe Brady Photography.

Despite the loss, big smiles from Alex 'AFN1910' Nunn who scored the first goal of the series! Joe Brady Photography.

Our fate was already sealed within Rocket League and so all we had to play for was pride. We had to secure at least a point to ensure we didn’t finish bottom of the table.

Game one started just how we needed it to. We withstood the Endpoint pressure and took a two-goal lead thanks to Alex and Zensuz. We managed to hold that lead until the final 30-seconds when we crumbled. They scored two quick goals to even up the game, and scored a winner right on the buzzer to snatch the win from right under our noses. From here it was all Endpoint. They ran riot in game two putting five into our net and taking a 2-0 series lead. The third was only made better by a goal from Zensuz with Endpoint once again putting five past us.

The 3-0 win for Endpoint secured their place in playoffs and cemented our place at the bottom of the Rocket League standings.

As we move forward into playoffs, we have a double-header against Epsilon. We are looked for revenge from the losses we sustained from them during the regular season. Confidence is running high in both of our playoff rosters and we believe that they can make it all the way to the finals.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our amazing partners and sponsors for their fantastic, unwavering support as we continue our journey to the top of UK esports.

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C: Kieran 'RedDevil' Taylor (article); Tommy 'tommyesports' Davis (video)