Gfinity Elite Series | Week 6 Recap

15th August 2017

Going into the penultimate weekend of the regular season, we knew that each match had the potential to be tougher than any previous matches - each team scrapping for those final few points to make it to playoffs or to bow out with pride. We simply could not underestimate any of our opponents.

Street Fighter V

It was the return of the fast-paced and aggressive Brian that we wanted to see this week! Joe Brady Photography.

It was the return of the fast-paced and aggressive Brian that we wanted to see this week! Joe Brady Photography.

Our roster, still battling for sole control of first place, came up against bottom-of-the-table Reason. Despite their position we could not be complacent. We fielded a strong roster, with only Hurricane being replaced by Brickterium, who opened proceedings by facing off against the veteran Undacuva. A quick and incredibly strong start from Undacuva and his Necalli secured the first round. Brickterium didn’t let it phase him, however, as he came back and claimed the next two rounds to secure the first game of the series.

Up next was Infexious against Vegedow, a player who had yet to claim a single round win. Despite calls from the casters and crowd for an Abigail pick, Infexious showed his opponent respect by locking in the Necalli. Infexious secured the first round, despite some good trading from Vegedow. The second round has been where we have seen some delays, and a little controversy, after hardware issues caused freezes in the game. Infexious had secured the second round and the win, but a freeze issue meant the round was replayed. He kept his composure after the fix and took the game 2-0.

Brian, looking to close out the series, came up against KingNashor. Despite some close rounds, Brian secured both in an ultimately dominant showing. It means that regardless of the controversy and delays, we took a clean 3-0 sweep to claim the three points that took us clear at the top.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Conor giving the boys a fist bump to keep the good vibes rolling. Joe Brady Photography.

Conor giving the boys a fist bump to keep the good vibes rolling. Joe Brady Photography.

Going into this weekend, we had yet to win a game 2-0 but still had a chance of making the top four and therefore playoffs. We started off well by winning our first pistol round since Week Three, and Luzuh secured the second with a four-kill round. Reason, however, went on to secure the next six rounds, taking 6-2 lead. We managed to bring it even by taking the next four rounds, and closed out the half with an 8-7 lead. On T-side, we once again secured pistol and the next two rounds, increasing the lead to 11-7. From here, we traded rounds with Reason until we eventually closed out Mirage 16-10.

We made our way into our map pick, Inferno, and started on the T-side. Reason won the first pistol and took a two round lead, but from here it became more like the end of the previous game with rounds traded. They carried their lead to 6-4 before we came back to win four in-a-row, taking a 8-7 lead into the half. Moving onto the CT-side, we dominated the game in opening a 15-7 lead. They claimed their first round on their T-side, but it was not enough to start a comeback as we secured a 16-8 victory and the all-important three points. Getting our first win on the board, coupled with results of those around us, mean we are still in with a shout of making the playoffs.


Rocket League

Despite the loss, Alex 'AFN1910' Nunn is always smiling! Joe Brady Photography.

Despite the loss, Alex 'AFN1910' Nunn is always smiling! Joe Brady Photography.

With playoffs now nigh-on impossible to achieve, we decided to utilise our extensive roster by giving Wrong Way Woody, Alex AFN1910 and Allieuz their Elite Series debuts in the match against Infused.

We started off well in Game One, with some end-to-end gameplay and with us even hitting the crossbar. However, this soon changed as Doomsee opened the scoring. Two more goals went in for Infused before Alex secured his and our first goals, only for Doomsee to complete his hat-trick and close out the game 4-1.

Game Two didn’t start quite as well, with Iceteazy scoring within eight seconds of the start. Woody then grabbed the equaliser, with a clearance from our own goal making its way past the Infused roster and into their net. From here, it was all Infused as they grabbed another three goals and finished the game 4-1 to take a 2-0 lead in the series. The third and final game was our worst yet, as Infused ran riot. Iceteazy grabbed a hat-trick of his own, Doomsee added two more to his tally and Ljourney secured one of his own, which saw them finish with a 6-0 scoreline and the 3-0 series win.

While we are out of contention for playoffs in Rocket League, we have every chance of making them in CS:GO and have the opportunity to take the first seed for SFV. As we look to the final week of the regular season, we are incredibly proud of how well our players have handled themselves, both in and out of the game. In Week 7 we take on Prophecy in SFV, Infused in CS:GO and Endpoint in our final game of Rocket League.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our amazing partners and sponsors for their fantastic, unwavering support as we continue our journey to the top of UK esports.

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C: Kieran 'RedDevil' Taylor (article); Tommy 'tommyesports' Davis (video)