Gfinity Elite Series | Week 4 Recap

4th August 2017

Heading into Week 4 of Elite Series competition, each game has more significance. In Street Fighter, we were tied for first and looking for a strong showing in the lead-up to playoffs, while the CS:GO roster were yet to pick up their first series win. Our Rocket League roster, despite their Week 1 victory, have come up against strong opponents and are yet to pick up another win. The strength of competition is what has made the Elite Series great to watch, but also means that every game is an important challenge. 

Street Fighter V

Claude 'Hurricane' Diboti warming up with his Scuf Gaming controller before his games vs ImStillDaDaddy!

Claude 'Hurricane' Diboti warming up with his Scuf Gaming controller before his games vs ImStillDaDaddy!

Fresh from his break after EVO, Infexious made his return to the starting line-up to face Infused. With only a few weeks left of the regular season - and with us tied at the top - every point is precious for us to remain top seeds heading into playoffs. ImStillDaDaddy and his Guile came up against Hurricane’s Cammy in the first game. Some early trading between the two led to ISDD finishing off the first round via EX. The following two rounds were close, with some great trading, and went the way of Hurricane - meaning we drew first blood. 

Afii (who was unbeaten vs Zangief at this point) took on Infexious in a Laura vs Zangief match-up. Despite it being an unfavourable match-up, Laura managed to take down Zangief with relative ease in the first round. Infexious’ composure, however, brought it back to tie the match. Unfortunately, that was not enough to seal the game, with Afii dominating the third round to tie up the series. Game 3 seemed to be a speed run when Shakz came out on top against Brian, with two incredibly quick, dominating rounds. 

Games 4 and 5 were reruns of the the first two. Hurricane, once again taking on ISDD, completed a 2-1 victory to bring the series to a tie heading into the final game. Unlike in Game 2, Infexious exacted his revenge and ended Afii’s Zangief streak. With the game win, the series went our way - meaning that we remain at the top of the SFV standings!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Jake 'Boaster' Howlett always brings something to the table, this week it was his sunglasses.

Jake 'Boaster' Howlett always brings something to the table, this week it was his sunglasses.

Going into the weekend, our CS:GO roster were a very efficient pistol-round team, having claimed the majority of pistol rounds in previous games. Unfortunately, against Endpoint, the team would not claim either of the two rounds on Overpass.

Starting on T-side, we would start with a 3-0 deficit until Round 4, with an 8-second fake bomb plant contributing to us taking our first round. Endpoint went on to take a 6-2 lead before we started to fight our way back into the game, bringing it back to 6-5. With an 8-7 lead, Endpoint headed into their T-side and took the first six rounds. Despite the roster’s usual CT-side struggles, we managed to claim seven of the next eight rounds, but unfortunately it was not enough to take the game to overtime. Endpoint took Overpass 16-14, in what could have been an incredible comeback from the exceL roster.

Despite again losing the initial pistol round, Inferno started much better for the our boys, claiming the next four rounds to take a commanding 4-1 lead. As the game went on, it was beginning to look as though we had a little too much for Endpoint to handle, extending our lead to 9-2. Heading into the half, we only needed to take five rounds on our CT-side to secure the victory and the series draw. Endpoint took the pistol round yet again, making it 4-4, but this time managed to take the next three to make bring the game a little closer. We eventually closed out the game 16-9, after a number of dominating rounds and some incredible plays. This means we walk away still looking for our first series win, with only two weeks of regular season play remaining.


Rocket League

Our Rocket League team posing after a well-earned lunch break with exceL co-owner Kieran.

Our Rocket League team posing after a well-earned lunch break with exceL co-owner Kieran.

Just by looking at the fixtures, we knew coming into the weekend that it would be incredibly tough facing a strong Team EnVyUs roster. Things were escalated when it was revealed that Remkoe, a RLCS world champion, would be taking the place of Waffle.

Team EnVyUs started Game 1 exactly where they left off last weekend, scoring an early goal and taking command of the game. As we tried to battle our way into the game, we had a couple of missed opportunities that could have seen us pull even. EnVyUs took advantage of our attacks, extending their lead to two and then getting their third after a counter-attack.

They started even quicker in Game 2, scoring three goals in less than a minute from the kick-off. They grabbed their fourth before we secured our first goal of the series, with Lunation knocking the ball against an opponent and into the back of the net to bring the score to 4-1. Not long afterwards, Nielskoek benefited from a knockdown by nV to score his first of the series,
even taking time to take a bite from his cookie as a reward. However, it wasn’t enough to spark a fightback, and nV took the game.

It was a slower start to Game 3, but that wouldn't stop nV from taking the lead. Lunation brought us level not long after, by setting himself up off the backboard and slotting home the rebound. This game was a little more competitive from us, but nV still managed to take a 3-1 lead. As we pushed for more goals, nV scored a fourth on the counter and then a fifth moments later, rounding out the game 5-1 and the series 3-0.

In Week 5, we will come up against rosters that are in some incredible form. Starting on Friday, our SFV roster take on Endpoint, while CS:GO battle it out with EnVyUs on Saturday. Sunday sees our Rocket League team lock horns with Method, in what could determine our playoff hopes. After last week’s announcement of the Elite Series being broadcast on BBC Three, Gfinity have once again come out swinging this week by announcing that BT Sport would also be getting in on the action. It now means that there will be more exposure than ever before for UK esports, and more opportunities for usto shine through.

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C: Kieran 'RedDevil' Taylor (article); Tommy 'tommyesports' Davis (video)