Gfinity Elite Series | Week 3 Recap

28th July 2017

Another weekend of the Gfinity Elite Series has come and gone, having brought with it some exciting games. For us, Week 3 meant duelling it out in Street Fighter V against a strong Method lineup, and a gruelling double-header versus Epsilon in both CS:GO and Rocket League. With each of our teams coming off losses in the previous week, we would face tough competition once again, and have to battle it out against the odds, especially against one of the pre-tournament favourites to take the CS:GO crown outright.

Street Fighter V

Fielding the same roster as in Week 2, the team put in the extra hours to ensure they were practiced and ready for whatever Method threw at them. Unfortunately, the series would not get off to the greatest of starts for us, with Brian getting chunked down early and taken into the corner for a first round loss. He came fighting back to take the closely-contested second round, but it would not be enough to secure the game, with Packz finishing off Brian in the third after a good combo. 

Hurricane would once again take part in an all-Cammy affair when he came up against Cobelcog in Game 2. This would be one of the quicker games in the series, with Hurricane taking a swift 2-0 to tie up the series as a whole. 

Looking to take the lead, Brickterium stepped into the hot seat, taking on Kurtjc in an Urien vs Bison match-up. A patient start to the round saw Kurtjc take a slight advantage, but a good combo from Brickterium brought him back into the round, and he went on to secure it after a stun in the corner. The second round was much closer, as once again it was a patient start from the pair. Both fighters’ health bars were taken down low, leading to a cagey ending to the fight with neither wanting to give up that final hit. Brickterium closed it out to give us the advantage heading into Game 4.

Kurtjc’s Bison this time took on Hurricane and his Cammy, with the fight going the full distance. A great start to the first round by Kurt proved to be too much, despite an incredible fightback from low health by Hurricane. The game, however, was one-sided from then on, with Hurricane claiming the next two rounds in quick succession, both after early stuns and strong combos. A 3-1 series victory means a return to winning ways for the SFV roster, and brings us back on track to make it to playoffs. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive



Going into the third week of Elite Series competition, Mirage had been one of the staples of our map sets - both in the series and in other tournaments - so it was no surprise that it once again made an appearance.

Unlike in previous encounters, we lost the pistol round giving up an early 3-0 lead to Epsilon. We then managed to secure the first buy round and the subsequent three rounds for a narrow 4-3 lead. Despite Epsilon drawing level, it wasn’t enough to stop us securing a further three rounds in a row. Epsilon then made a fightback of their own, meaning we took a slender 8-7 lead into the half. Uncharacteristically, we also lost the second pistol round, despite a two-man advantage in the round. This game Epsilon a 12-8 lead. Even with a number of clutches throughout the game for Luzuh, we could only secure a total of two further rounds in the second half, allowing Epsilon to comfortably take Mirage 16-10. 

Taking to Overpass, we got back to normal ways, winning the pistol round and building an early two-round lead. Epsilon, however, came back to secure the next five rounds whilst dominating the 1st half as a whole. We took only one more round, meaning an 11-4 deficit going into the half. With Epsilon only needing to claim five more rounds, we had to be cautious about our play regardless of the map favouring the T-side. We once again got off to a good start in taking the pistol round, but it would not be enough to stop Epsilon extending their lead. It wouldn't be long until Epsilon claimed another 16-10 victory, compounding our CT-side woes once again. 

Rocket League

With last weekend’s loss still fresh in our mind, we were keen to get back to winning ways on the field and score some great goals along the way. We started Game 1 strongly, having the first real chance after Nielskoek had a shot cleared off the line. A long shot from the Epsilon corner was enough to break the deadlock. It would only get worse for our boys, with Nielskoek hitting the ball across his own net for an Epsilon player to tap in. He did make up for his mistake, however, when he dribbled the ball upfield and knocked it to make it 2-1. Unfortunately, as we pushed for the equaliser, Epsilon capitalised to take the first game 3-1. 

Another quick start from us would not stop Game 2 from being a heavily one-sided battle. Epsilon took a resounding 5-0 lead before we started to make any headway in the game. We clawed one back, with Nielskoek passing to Zenzus for a great mid-air finish. Overall, a 5-1 Game 2 win and an opening goal in the first 15 seconds of Game 3 set the Epsilon roster well on their way to victory. Data played out of his skin for Epsilon, scoring a number of goals and helping them to a 4-1 win in Game 3, with Nielskoek grabbing a consolation goal. A clean 3-0 sweep for Epsilon and room for improvement going forward for our lineup, something they are more than capable of as we go into Week 4. 

Looking to next weekend, we need to find a solution to the CT-side woes of our CS:GO team and see how we can get our Rocket League roster running like a well-oiled machine. We have every faith in all three rosters, and of course we see their improvement, desire to win and even their disappointment in losing. This coming weekend may prove to be one of our toughest yet, as the SFV roster take on Team Infused, CS:GO face off against Endpoint and Rocket League take to the field against Team EnVyUs. Let’s see if we can get back to our Week 1 form and have an unbeaten weekend! 

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C: Kieran 'RedDevil' Taylor (article); Tommy 'tommyesports' Davis (video)