Gfinity Elite Series | Week 2 Recap

19th July 2017

The Gfinity Elite Series kicked off in spectacular fashion for exceL last week, putting us in a great position and giving us incredible confidence going into Week 2. We had a tough matchup against Epsilon and a double-header with Prophecy, both of which would prove challenging for our teams. 

Street Fighter V

With Infexious (whom some are calling our talisman) across the pond at EVO, Brickterium came into the starting roster, hoping to carry on where he left off last week. Brian and his Rashid were first up, taking on Takamura and his Ken. It was clear from the very first round that this would be a back-and-forth battle, with each player trading blows round after round. Despite Brian’s efforts, Takamura came out with the win in Round 3 to give Epsilon the advantage in the best-of-five series. Brickterium made his exceL debut next, taking on KeftaRoz in an Urien-vs-Rashid match-up. KeftaRoz came flying out the blocks and picked up the first round, but Brickterium came back fighting, taking the next two rounds to even out the series. 

With the series hotting up, Hurricane took his place ready to face off against Tom B in an all-Cammy affair. Despite Tom B coming out strong in the first round, it was all Hurricane as he took a swift 2-0 victory. Games Four and Five saw rematches of the first two, with Takamura once again coming out strong despite a cagey start to the round, and finishing off the second thanks to an early stun to bring Epsilon back into the series. KeftaRoz carried on where his brother left off, getting an early stun onto Brickterium’s Urien. Despite a hard-fought battle, it wasn’t enough to hand Brickterium and exceL the victory on his debut outing, Epsilon closing out the series 3-2. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Going into the first part of the double-header with Prophecy, we were coming off a tie in the inaugural weekend of the Elite Series and working on a number of mistakes made during that series. With the addition of a new data analyst, the team were high in spirits and confidence, believing they could take the series. 

We started in a similar fashion, winning the first pistol round on Mirage and taking an early 2-0 lead. Prophecy fought back in the first buy round, going on to claim three rounds on the trot as they took a commanding 7-3 lead. The exceL boys found themselves 10-5 down at the half, but once again we claimed the pistol round before clawing our way back into the series. We took six rounds in a row to take a 11-10 lead thanks to a last-second plant and a 1v2 clutch by JakeM whilst on only 20 HP. However, Prophecy eventually regained their composure and quickly took a 14-11 lead after taking one of their eco rounds. They closed out the map 16-12, although it could have been a much different scoreline but for a few minor mistakes on our side. 

The Prophecy team picked Train as their map of choice during the veto process, but it was exceL who came out fighting. We once again took the pistol round after extinguishing a molotov with a smoke grenade and defusing the bomb, and this escalated into a four-round lead. Prophecy then took the game into their own hands, fighting back with five consecutive rounds and some impressive play to take over the economy. Round 13 saw us begin to get our momentum back, albeit temporarily, with Conor picking up three kills in the round with a CZ and bringing the Prophecy lead to within one. We closed out CT-side with an 8-7 lead, but lost only our second pistol round in four games, ultimately resulting in a rampant Prophecy taking the game by the scruff of the neck. They took seven rounds in a row from the half compared to ourselves only managing to muster another two on T-side. Prophecy closed out the game 16-10 to take the series 2-0. 

Rocket League    

Closing out the weekend, our Rocket League roster came into this week’s fixture having won our Week 1 match convincingly, but still having some areas to work on. We came in confident that we could get a result and salvage what had so far been a mediocre second week for us. 

Prophecy were eager to show what they were made of, having only won last weekend due to EnVyUs being unable to field a roster. They did just that, coming out strong to secure the first goal in the series after some scrappy play from both teams. Nielskoek nearly brought us straight back into it after hitting the post, but Prophecy took the rebound to score again with a counter-attack. It was a tough first game for us, with Prophecy mounting pressure upon the goal. Despite bringing out some goal line saves from our squad, they eventually closed out Game 1 with a 3-0 win. Game 2 didn’t start well with Prophecy taking an early 2-0 lead, but Nielskoek would continue his Week 1 goalscoring efforts by striking home from halfway. Prophecy took their lead back to two goals, and despite Lunation grabbing a second and our boys mounting pressure for the remainder of the game, it would not be enough to take the game to overtime. 

Game 3 would be the most tightly-contested of the series. Nearly three minutes elapsed before the first goal was scored, in spite of it being a back-and-forth game with Nielskoek hitting the bar and another shot cleared off the line. He would then turn provider, hitting the ball off the side for Zensuz to knock the ball down and into the back of the net. Prophecy came fighting back, grabbing two goals in quick succession and the lead with it. We piled on the pressure in the final minute, but not even a last second attempt to keep the ball in the air from one half to the other would be enough. 

Overall, it was an unfortunate week for our rosters whom, after starting so well the week before, picked up only a single point from a possible nine. All three teams played well over the weekend, but with these losses come more areas to improve on. We go again next weekend, when we face off against the Method SFV roster and have another double-header, this time against Epsilon in CS:GO and Rocket League. 

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C: Kieran 'RedDevil' Taylor