Gfinity Elite Series | Street Fighter Recap

12th September 2017

The inaugural season of the Gfinity Elite Series came to a close just over a week ago now and for us, this meant fighting to become the Street Fighter V champions.

The whole squad looking incredibly focussed. Joe Brady Photography.

The whole squad looking incredibly focussed. Joe Brady Photography.

With the calibre of the roster at our disposal, it was no surprise that the analysts had us as one of the favourites to take the whole SFV competition. First we had to get past Epsilon in the semi-finals. Earlier in the day, EnVyUs delivered a huge upset against Infused to secure their place in the final. We knew we couldn't be complacent when faced with Epsilon in our semi-final.

Before play even started, the coin toss worked in our favour and gave us the advantage in the matchups - a great way to start the series. Brian took on his regular-season nemesis in Takamura to kick off the action, and it did not go well. Epsilon’s star player once again got the better of Brian in a relatively quick 2-0 game, a trend Brian will be looking to end in season two.

After that first loss, we took the series by the scruff of the neck and dominated, starting with Hurricane’s Cammy taking on Atrosh’s Birdie. In the first round, Hurricane backed him into the corner and beat him down until he had just a slither of health left, and the second round went in a similar fashion. He tied up the series and paved the way for Infexious to take three straight games for a 4-1 victory.

It is a surprise, even now, as to how Epsilon allowed Infexious to play three games in a row, but we certainly weren’t complaining - especially when using the behemoth that is Abigail. The first of the three games came against Brick. Typical Infexious passive-and-patient play started each round, but he got Brick’s Zangief into the corner and finished him convincingly, despite a late comeback by Brick. Game Two, against Atrosh, went in a similar fashion as Abigail just dominated the screen and the other characters along with it.

exceL Co-Founders rush to the stage to congratulate the team. Joe Brady Photography.

exceL Co-Founders rush to the stage to congratulate the team. Joe Brady Photography.

Game Three was where it became tricky, with a rematch against Brick. He came out swinging, having adapted from the first game, and took the first round to give Epsilon some hope of extending the series. The second round consisted of some great action, with both players using their Critical Arts. The only difference for Brick in this situation was that Infexious was able to jump out of the Zangief Critical Art, allowing him to close the round and tie up the game. Infexious took Round Three soon after and gave us the win to secure our place in the Elite Series SFV finals.

So, onto the final, where we came up against Team EnVyUs. It was an incredible series, filled with intense nerves and passion from all. Coming into the series we were outright favourites, but with nV on a five-week win streak, they could not be underestimated.

Brian took on TKR in Game One, and it did not go our way at all. TKR’s Chun-Li was hard for Brian to counter, and he was punished in both rounds despite a comeback of sorts. The series continued to be a rough one when Hurricane took on Nassim-Claw. Hurricane claimed the first round, despite Nassim fighting back. His Vega became too hot to handle as he claimed the next two tightly contested rounds, and he closed out the game to give EnVyUs a 2-0 advantage.

The moment we had all been waiting for. MVP of the tournament and team captain DC 'Infexious' Coleman lifting the trophy! Joe Brady Photography.

The moment we had all been waiting for. MVP of the tournament and team captain DC 'Infexious' Coleman lifting the trophy! Joe Brady Photography.

In Game Three, Infexious got us back on track as he claimed the two rounds versus Layo convincingly. It gave us a lifeline and meant we extended the series - something we had to do. Layo, off the back that loss, came up against Brian in the next match-up and took a tight first round. In the next, Brian took Layo to the corner and never let him out, securing a Perfect KO and the round. Layo however, took the fight back to Brian to restore EnVyUs’ two-game lead.

There was no more room for error from here on out with EnVyUs needing just one more game for victory. Thankfully, our comeback started here. TKR took the early advantage against Infexious’ Necalli, but it just wasn't enough. Infexious secured the first round with a Critical Art, and the second soon after. Brian, yet to win a game this series, had a third bite at the cherry when he came up against Nassim-Claw. He didn't disappoint. Coming back from a stun he secured the first round, and despite a good fight back by Nassim, it wasn’t enough for him to take the round from Brian. We were going to Game Seven!

Say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! Joe Brady Photography.

Say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! Joe Brady Photography.

Hurricane, with his trusted Cammy, took on TKR and his Chun-Li. Cammy got the stun and not long after secured the round. Round Two was a much closer affair, with trades galore. TKR took the round and sent the game to a final, deciding round. Early trades helped Hurricane put TKR into the corner, where he deployed his Critical Art and soon after finished off the game.

In the end, we did it the hard way, coming from 3-1 down to take the series 4-3 and become the Gfinity Elite Series Street Fighter V champions for Season One! The team fought hard throughout the season and are deserving winners, securing the £10,000 first prize. We will of course aim to defend our title in Season Two, and we cannot wait to get back to competing when the series returns.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout, from our many fans to our valued partners - we could not have done it without you.

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C: Kieran 'RedDevil' Taylor (article); Tommy 'tommyesports' Davis (video)