Gfinity Elite Series S2 - Final Rosters

28th September 2017

As we head towards the start of Season Two of the Gfinity Elite Series, we’ve said goodbye to a few players that made up our Season One rosters. This, however, gives us a great opportunity to not only grow on our performances, but to introduce those acquired from the recent draft phase. The format allows us to pick up two players for each game that were eligible from the Challenger Series, and give them the opportunity to become part of a professional team setup.

The Street Fighter V roster was stacked last season, and they performed incredibly by emerging as Season One victors. Of course, we wanted to keep as many of our roster as we could for Season Two, so we have expanded the team to six players. Joining us from the Challenger Series are GingerV1k1ng and Terror.

The complete SFV roster for Season Two:

With Counter-Strike, we made it to the playoffs - a great achievement in our first season. We’ve since retained the entire roster, and hosted a bootcamp for the players. Committing a lot of practice time like this gives us as good a chance as we possibly could have heading into the new season. We have once again expanded our roster, this time to eight by acquiring Cinder, Quix and Weber - all of whom were on other Season One rosters.

Full Season Two roster:

Following a disappointing season in Rocket League, we made a change to our starting roster which has allowed us to qualify for the RLCS. That very same roster will be used in Season Two of the Elite Series, and we hope to be able to replicate our form across both competitions. We have acquired three new players going into the new season - one being our RLCS substitute Masterio, as well as Drjosh and ChargingDingle from the Challenger Series.

Full Rocket League Season Two roster:

We cannot wait for Season Two to get underway, and aim to grow even more over the course of the competition. Be sure to show our teams some love and get behind them at every opportunity!

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C: Kieran "RedDevil" Taylor