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Gfinity Elite Series - Final Roster Additions

2nd July 2017

With the Gfinity Elite Series only days away, the draft has been completed and the media days along with it, giving our teams a chance to not only meet each other but also the players that have been brought in . The inaugural draft was an exciting process for all involved, and provided each team with an opportunity to either form their rosters or strengthen their hand for when the competition kicks off. With all the admin now out of the way and players settling in, it is about time that we announced the players that were drafted in!

Street Fighter V
While we already boast an incredibly strong roster within this title there was no harm in increasing that even further by taking advantage of our first place pick in the first round of the draft. However, this also meant that we also had the 16th and final pick. 

Joining our roster are:

  • Daniel "Ninieru" Diaz López, who hails from Spain and is a meticulous tactician who uses his understanding of Street Fighter V's mechanics to outwit his opponents.  
  • Ross “Brickterium” O' Leary, an Irishman who has a 10-year history of playing fighting games. Since the launch of Street Fighter V, he has been competing all over Europe in a bid to prove he belongs in the elite tier of competitors.

Rocket League
The Elite Series draft took place just prior to Dreamhack Summer, meaning we ended up playing against one of our own players in only our second game. Going into the draft we knew exactly who we wanted to bring in to join our existing roster, and thankfully we managed to get them! 

Rounding out our Rocket League roster are; 

  • Jake "Jakeypoo" Cassemis, a 22-year-old Welshman who hopes to one day become the best player in Europe. We certainly support, encourage and hope to be able to help him on his way!
  • Niel “Nielskoek” Koekis, a player who has played in all previous RLCS tournaments, finally making the league last season. He adds some world-class talent to our roster.
  • Hampus “Zensuz”  Öberg, a 17-year-old Swede whose love of football helped him discover Rocket League. He has also competed in the RLCS, so yet again we are bringing an incredible talent in to round out the roster. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
The Counter-Strike draft went less according to plan. Whilst we made successful choices, the players involved were unresponsive and left us turning to our internal scouting networks to complement our existing roster.

To complete our roster, we added:

  • Josh "Mole" Rowley brings 11 years of Counter-Strike experience with him to exceL. He has been playing as an In-Game Leader for the past year, meaning he will bring confidence and experience when called upon. 
  • Nick "ZEO" Jugjeewon also brings considerable experience to the roster, having been playing since Source. He has been competing at the top level of UK esports for many years. 
  • Ross “eLe” Rooney once again brings extensive experience, having first competed at an event ten years ago playing Source and CS 1.6. He excels at demo review and analysis, which is sure to prove vital for the team. As well as his role as substitute, Ross will also be taking on coaching responsibilities for the roster. 

You can keep up-to date with all of our teams' progress in the Gfinity Elite Series through our Twitter and Facebook pages, in addition to following the main Gfinity Twitter and Facebook pages too! You can also buy tickets to watch the event LIVE at the following links: CSGO; Street Fighter V; and Rocket League.

C: Kieran "RedDevil" Taylor