Gfinity Elite Series | Counter-Strike Semi-Final Recap

7th September 2017

Season 1 of the Gfinity Elite Series has come to its close. It was great to have taken part in two semi-finals from a possible three, showing the prowess of the exceL brand throughout Season 1. The first semi-final we wish to recap is that of Counter-Strike! In the run up to exceL CSGO’s heavily anticipated semi-final vs the heavily talented Epsilon Esports roster, the boys worked incredibly hard to prep for what was bound to be a difficult game.

Great shot of the main man Jake 'Boaster' Howlett feeling nice an relaxed. Joe Brady Photography.

Great shot of the main man Jake 'Boaster' Howlett feeling nice an relaxed. Joe Brady Photography.

We came into the semi-final on the back of two consecutive wins and with confidence high. Once again, we saw an upset earlier in the day when Prophecy defeated EnVyUs, giving us just that little bit more hope that taking down Epsilon was possible.

Game one unfortunately didn't start well for us as Epsilon secured the pistol and took a 4-0 lead. The rest of the half, and game, followed in much of the same way despite some incredibly close rounds. We had opportunities where we should have won some rounds with advantages and took some with the odds stacked against us. We went into the half 10-5 with our most notable play being a four kill round by Luzuh with the AWP. We lost the pistol once again allowing Epsilon to extend their lead. More close rounds and mistakes meant that they closed out the game 16-10 but with Train being their map pick, the team were still in high spirits going into Inferno.

Conor 'conoR' McCool always keeps a cool head. Joe Brady Photography.

Conor 'conoR' McCool always keeps a cool head. Joe Brady Photography.

Losing pistol rounds became habit as we lost yet another two on the second map. It allowed Epsilon to secure an early lead, this time however, we came fighting back to take the half 8-7. We extended our lead to 12-8 before they secured a few rounds of their own. It got to 14-14 and the nerves were kicking in, maybe not for the players but definitely within the management team. Two close rounds with some incredible plays meant we closed out the game 16-14 and tied up the series.

Game three on Mirage - a map we are usually comfortable on - started exactly how the two previous did. Despite our performances in the map before, Epsilon came out incredibly strong and systematically destroyed everything we had planned. It was a whitewash. They took the series on the back of the 16-2 result and secured their place in the finals.

Our Counter-Strike story throughout Season 1 has been a rollercoaster but we are incredibly happy with the performances the team has shown our fans. Be sure to come down to the Gfinity Arena or support us in the live streams for Season 2!

Finally, we would like to thank all of our amazing partners and sponsors for their fantastic, unwavering support as we continue our journey to the top of UK esports.

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C: Kieran 'RedDevil' Taylor (article); Tommy 'tommyesports' Davis (video)