EU-based Gears of War team. Official Team Roster: Mathew 'Krazed' Macdonald; William 'Phelpzy' Phelps; Ben 'Hydrone' Cornwell; Sam 'Sammy' King and Jay 'JRage' Mcmanus. The team is coached by Toby Campbell                              

Mathew 'Krazed' Macdonald

I'm 20 years old from Edinburgh, I have been playing since Gears of War 1 but started playing competitively on Gears of War 3, I am now part of the top European team from S1 of the Gears of War Pro Circuit with placements of top 8 and top 12 throughout the whole season.

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William 'Phelpzy' Phelps

I'm 19 years old from Northamptonshire, I have been competing since Gears of War 3 where I worked my way through the ranks to be able to captain the most successful European roster of Season 1.



Ben 'Hydrone' Cornwell

19 year old from Brighton, I started competing in Gow at the start of UE and have climbed my way up to join the best team in Europe, This will be my second time being under the exceL organisation and I will be looking to bring a event win this time around.




Sam 'Sammy' King

21 year old from Shrewsbury, I have been playing for 7 years, Im 1/5 of the most successful EU Gears Of War team placing T8 3 times in S1 of the pro circuit.



Jay 'JRage' Mcmanus

I'm a 20 year old competitive gears of war player from Wigan, I am the newest addition to this team recently placing top 8 at the biggest international event and holding the highest seed and placement in Europe.