FIFA: Stackzz Joins the Squad

31st May 2017

We are delighted to announce our newest member to our FIFA roster and exceL family - Ryan ‘Stackzz’ Pessoa. Ryan is an exciting prospect in FIFA and has enormous potential to cause upsets at the upcoming FIWC regional qualifying tournament. Ryan qualified for the tournament, along with exceL's existing FIFA professional Tom 'Painter' Painter.

Ryan came from humble beginnings on FIFA, religiously playing career mode on his PS2 from a young age. His first taste of online competition came in 2010 when he started playing FIFA Ultimate Team at his leisure up until FUT Champions this year on FIFA 17. At first his competition came from friends, but his consistent high performances convinced him to start playing in the Gfinity ladders where he managed to place T8 in his first venture. He continued playing in FUT Champions never thinking that this would become anything more. Consistently just missing out on making regional events helped to spark more of an interest, and as Easter came he played the entire month and was able to qualify for the FIWC regional qualifier tournament.

Speaking about this recent acquisition to our FIFA roster, exceL's Managing Director Joel Holmes-Darby had this to say:

"Ryan is representative of the exact type of individual we look to bring on board to join exceL's talent pool. He is very grounded, presents himself very well and possess a bundle of talent and potential despite essentially being a rookie this year. It is my hope that we are able to help him grow both as a FIFA player but also as an overall esports professional. FIFA has been an ever-present on our list of esports titles that we support and we intend for this to continue as we look to back Tom and Ryan over the coming months and help propel them to international success."

We are excited to see where Ryan can go with his FIFA career and we wish both him and Painter good luck in the upcoming FIWC regional tournament.

C: Matt 'Crolux' McClenaghan