FIFA: Interactive World Cup (FIWC)

19th March 2016

This weekend, one of exceL’s professional FIFA players Sean ‘xL Dragon’ Allen competed at the coveted and prestigious FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC). Hosted in New York, the annual tournament sees some of the world’s greatest FIFA talents brought together to compete across both major console platforms – Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The competition is played in the “Head to Head” format, as opposed to the popular FIFA Ultimate Team, but players will be restricted to using International teams only. Players fly out to the North American city this Sunday and will be competing over two days starting from Monday 21st March 2016.

The tournament is widely regarded as the biggest in the annual FIFA eSports calendar, with the players competing for $20,000 and a trip to FIFA’s annual Ballon d’Or, where the world’s greatest football players converge to reveal the best player for that year. 32 individuals will enter the tournament on Monday, 16 competing on XB1 and 16 on PS4. The winners of each tournament will meet in the Grand Final, with one leg played on Xbox and the other on PlayStation, resulting in the undisputed FIFA world champion.

Dragon joined exceL eSports earlier this year and has so far represented us at the Gfinity and XboxUK #PlayLikeALegend Season 2, Stage 1 tournament (in addition to Sam ‘xL Poacher’ Carmody) and will be competing at next weekend’s Stage 2 tournament alongside fellow team mate and long-term exceL representative Anton ‘xL Anton’ McGuigan. We caught up with Dragon to ask how he was feeling ahead of his flight to New York to compete and this is what he had to say:

“Words cannot describe how I am feeling. It is literally a dream come true, I have been trying since FIFA 2008 and now I feel I finally have the chance that I deserve. I’m just looking forward to getting out to New York, meeting all of the international players I haven’t met before and of course, competing in the biggest FIFA tournament that there is."

All of us here at exceL eSports are incredibly excited for Sean and wish him the best of luck over the coming days. For updates on Dragon’s progress keep an eye on all of our social media channels and stay tuned to this website over the coming days!