Our Ladies team is an EU-based competitive League of Legends team. Official Team Roster: Sara 'Paleolite' Jakobsen, Milenka 'Mey' Escalera, Victoria 'Vicksy' Doman, Adelina 'Cathrine' Nalsen and Renate 'Rencha' Ritina . The team is supported by an extensive staff team, including Team Manager Ryan 'Barnetto' Barnett.

profile - Sara Jakobsén.png

Sara 'Paleolite' Jakobsen [Top]

I started playing League in Season 2 and I've been an Irelia main since Season 4. Most of my time goes to my degree in Medicine but in my spare time I enjoy streaming as well as playing basketball and going to the gym.




 Milenka 'Mey' Escalera [Jungle]

I'm Bolvian and I work in IT and I like PvP games. I used to draw and play guitar. I like technology, music, series and anime - I am a huge fan of Batman! My favourite champion is Kha'Zix! (Followed by Lee Sin, Elise and  Rammus, who was my first jungler). I'm very shy but since I'm streaming I'm improving my social skills.



Victoria 'Vicksy' Doman [Mid]

I have won all female tournaments, my peak being Master 100+ LP and I hit D1 every season. I used to play in UK scene in mixed teams but have found a home in the female scene now. I've played League since Season 3, I main Mid and my favourite champion is Aurelion Sol.



Adelina 'Cathrine' Nalsen [ADC]

I love games, I always have. League of Legends is my most played game. I am an ADC main with Jinx, Xayah and Draven as my favourite champions. Other than League I do graphics design as a ''side business'' for streamers and people on social media. I also used to dance before I got into my current hobbies and it is something I plan to pick back up in the future.


Renate 'Rencha' Ritina [Support]

In my free time I enjoy riding my bike, rollerblading, running - pretty much everything related to sports. Also am a full time student at the University of Latvia. My role is support and my favorite champion has always been Bard because of his playmaking potential.

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Ryan 'Barnetto' Barnett [Team Manager]

I am Team Dad for exceL League of Legends. I’ve been involved in UK LoL for around 3 years and been a part of exceL for around 2 years in either player or management capacity. My job is to make sure my players feel as comfortable as possible, provide structure to their esports careers, and make their jobs as players as easy as possible. Outside of esports I have a master’s degree in International Relations and Security studies as well as a background in diplomacy and conflict management.