EU-based competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. Official Team Roster: Jake ‘JAKEM’ McCausland; Conor ‘Conor’ McCool; Philip ‘Whindanski' Nicholas; Joe ‘Luzuh’ Loose; Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett; Josh 'mole' Rowley; Nick 'ZEO' Jugjeewon; Ross 'eLe' Rooney

Jake 'JAKEM' McCausland

Captain and Second AWP. Have been playing CSGO for around 9 years. I have competed all over the world in various teams and competitions. Cannot wait to succeed further with exceL. 





Conor 'Conor' McCool

I came into CSGO in 2015 through ESEA, I was drafted into various mixed teams including fish123 and with them I secured a second place finish in the ESLUK Premiership split. I then secured a 2nd place finish with Team Infused at Insomnia 58.



Philip 'Whindanski' Nicholas

My competitive career started in an internet cafe in Belfast, I first started competing with a team of friends. I was drafted to represent Ireland in a 4 Nations tournament. I officially started my competitive career with former team FM-TOXIC, I competed in several LANs like ESWC, Dreamhack Valencia and multiple Insomnia's. 



Jake 'Boaster' Howlett

Made my debut in CSGO in Multiplays Insomnia 55, I have improved across the months and have won Insomnia 56 and T4 finishes in Multiple ESLUK Premierships splits. 




Joe 'Luzuh' Loose

AWP player. Started competitive CS at Insomnia 57, I have played for Bulldog and Team EndPoint. I already have success with exceL winning with an exceL/EndPoint mix team that won EpicLAN. I hope to bring more tournaments wins for exceL in the future. 



Josh 'mole' Rowley

My names mole and I've played counter strike for over 11 years now, so I bring bags of experience and a jaw dropping smile. For the last year I've been a IGL, and have been quite successful at it. Hopefully the games that I do play I bring confidence and experience to help pull us through



Ross 'eLe' Rooney

 I'm an Irish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who currently plays for Excel eSports.  I am an veteran to Counter Strike having played both Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source. I attended my first LAN event over 10 years ago which means I bring experience and a cool head, whilst excelling in demo review and analysis.