CSGO: Official Team Announcement

6th February 2016

exceL eSports is proud to announce it's return to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene in the UK and would like to officially welcome our roster to the organisation. After discussions with Barrage eSports, we have agreed to pick up their (now) former roster to join our ranks. The T10 ranked UK team recently had a strong 9-12th finish at the previous iSeries LAN and are currently competing in the ESEA Intermediate online league. The team fully intends to qualify for the ESL UK Premiership and have recently won an invitation to the JGL Invitational League in April this year. The team had previously been competing in the CEVO Main division but had to withdraw due to a scheduling conflict. Managing Director of exceL eSports, Joel Holmes-Darby, commented on the decision to return to CSGO:

"Returning to CSGO has been something I've been looking to do for a while now. Our first venture in to this particular eSport was incredibly successful, with our team registering a T4 finish in the first ESL UK Premiership (albeit playing under a different name at the finals) and also breaking a world record in a historic match vs Team Xenex. We recently opened our doors to applications from many many teams and when I read Luke's (EMPEROR) application in particular I knew this was a roster I wanted to work with. Thank you also to Hadshot from Barrage for highlighting to me the team's availability and that he had given them permission to approach us."

The addition of a CSGO Roster also gave us an opportunity to welcome a new team Manager, Rhys 'Shnepy' Shepard, a long-term friend of exceL and avid enthusiast of UK CSGO. Rhys had this to say:

“Hello my name is Rhys  (aka Shnepy), I'm from Cardiff, I am currently the Manager of exceL.CSGO and an avid fan of the game myself. I will be assisting the boys through their journey for CEVO Main and ESEA Main. I was also one of the first players to be a part of exceL when they formed their CoD team back in 2014. I look forward to seeing and helping the organisation grow even more over the coming years.”

Team Captain EMPEROR said this about the team's decision to join exceL eSports:

"I cannot explain the excitement to finally be here and onboard. Straight after our initial contact with Joel it only reassured us that we were making the right move. Now that we are here in exceL the lads are really looking to push forward and continue to improve as a team. We are far from where we want to be but with the help of Joel/Kieran and those associated with exceL we really hope show what we can do. We have been given a opportunity to also work with a CS:GO manager in Rhys and we plan to make the most of the resources at our disposal to push on with our improvement. You will see us competing in ESEA-IM, upcoming ESL/EPL qualifiers and JGL Invitational that starts in April, along with LAN events post i57. Again we would like to thank exceL for the chance and we look forward to getting to know everyone here."

The full exceL.CSGO roster will consist of;

The squad will be looking to firmly cement the exceL brand in the UK Counter-Strike scene and we look forward to watching them compete under our brand in the coming months.