CSGO: New 5th Announced

18th September 2016

We would like to welcome the new 5th member of our UK CSGO roster, Kory 'Kryzih' Hitt. After our previous LAN placement, the discussion went ahead about a possible roster change. A conclusion was made and we decided to let Tayler 'Tayerdoodle' O'Boyle go from the team. We wish Tayler, who is a young and very talented player the very best in the future. Here is a statement from UK CSGO Captain, Luke 'Emperor' Ingram:

"The removal of Tayler was one that wasn't lightly taken. We tried a combination of role changing and compromising but inevitably it seemed a roster change would have to be made. We had been a stable roster for some time but we believe the move was the correct one for the team. We had options from the get go and tried out other players prior to i58 as well as a number of targets we had shortlisted post-LAN. However it turned out that Kory was our best fit. He has great potential and an attitude that fits in line with the teams expectations. We had players that out matched him in the experience field and perhaps would of given us a quicker solution but overall our view for the future with Kory will prove he is the best option. We already feel the acquisition of Kory has revitalised the rest of us and we are excited for the upcoming ESEA season with him and feel we have a line-up that can really push on and improve on our recent 5/6th showing at EpicLAN and and future events."

The boys will now be looking to dominate the ESEA main season with new pick up Kryzih and qualify for the UK Masters £20,000 tournament at the end of September. Good luck boys, we believe!