CSGO: 2017 - A New Offensive

20th January 2017

With a 5th/6th place finish at our first LAN, epic.EIGHTEEN, and winning our group at iSeries, 2016 was a steady year of growth for the fledgling exceL eSports CS:GO team. A busy 2017 is ahead, with the ESL UK Premiership, UK Masters, iSeries and epic.LAN being the cream of the tournaments we hope to be part of and we are looking to build on our growth and establish exceL as a premier UK Counter-Strike organisation.

Today, with that in mind, we are immensely excited to announce our all-new roster:

  • Tom ‘Jenko’ Jenkinson
  • James ‘Kryptix’ Affleck
  • Josh ‘mole' Rowley
  • Jesper ‘Jesp’ Johansson
  • Mick ‘MCK’ McDonald
  • Connor 'Sliggy' Blomfield [Coach]

Jenko is a promising young talent, coming to us after spells with UK Masters Season 2 winners FM, Endpoint and Infused, for whom he competed in the 2016 ESL UK Premiership.

Twitter: @xL_Jenko                         twitch.tv/zjenkos

Kryptix comes with a wealth of experience of tournament and LAN play, having competed against top-tier teams EnVyUs and Astralis as a player for Team CRG, Reason, FM, Rasta, Infused, CAZ and Fish123.

Twitter: @xL_Kryptix                  twitch.tv/kryptixcsgo

Mole comes to us having represented the United Kingdom at the 2013 European Championships, and has represented TeamCRG, Reason, Rasta, Infused, Fish123, Barrage, Anexis, EZSkinz.com and NerdRage.

Twitter: @xL_moIe

Jesp comes to exceL having had spells with both CAZ and Endpoint. A highly-rated individual player, he has tons of potential to become one of the top players in the UK.

Twitter: @xL_Jesp

Finally, MCK comes to us as a veteran of the UK scene, having competed with United Estonia, UESmash and CAZ, and winning the Season 2 ESL UK Premiership with an impressive personal performance.

Twitter: @xL_MCK

Connor brings a wealth of competitive experience from his playing days, having finished 2nd in a UK LAN event as recently as epic.EIGHTEEN. He will coach the team in addition to continuing to play competitively.

Twitter: @xL_Sliggy

With this roster, we have high hopes for 2017 and are confident of challenging for titles. With your support, there is no doubt that we can ‘exceL’ and achieve great things! As always, you can keep up to date with events and results by following us on Twitter: @exceL