CS: epic.LAN Eighteen

4th July 2016

On the 17th of June our UK CS:GO team competed in epic.LAN Eighteen, hosted in Kettering, UK. Below is a summary of the matches, brought to you by Owen 'Naphtha' Macro and team Captain, Luke 'EMPEROR' Ingram.

Group Game 1 vs Limitless Nation (line-up - KEHZUH, oakmerch, Koagu, Hawkins & Synzo)

Map 1 - Mirage (xL pick) – We started off T side strong and stormed to an early 9-0 lead. Limitless took round 10, but we instantly money-reset them by winning the following 3 rounds. This lead to us taking the first half 14 – 1, leaving us the simple task of winning 2 rounds on CT side. This happened quickly with a dominating pistol and follow-up round. We took game one 16-1.

Map 2 - Cobblestone (Limitless pick) – Once again xL.CS started off T side, taking the pistol round. Limitless managed to win an anti-eco, this led to them gaining some momentum and winning 4 rounds in a row. The boys took it slow and composed themselves. This meant we started to rack up t side rounds like the game before. We took the next 8 in a row before limitless and ourselves traded the last 2 rounds 1 a piece, leaving the first half at a 10-5 finish. Moving into the CT side, xL.CS won the opening 4 rounds, This included a massive 1v3 clutch by EMPEROR. Limitless managed to steal 3 rounds in a row, two of which were eco rounds as the boys didn't want to rush their next buy. We finally won the next 2 rounds to take the game and series 16 - 8.

Group Game 2 vs Odin. sports (line-up - MontSta, 5haBo, Kai, Dm_God & Shadowman)

Map 1 Inferno (Odin pick) – Game1 can only be described as no economical built up. Rounds were traded back and forth until Odin managed to catch the xL boys off guard by changing their play style. Odin continued to impress and won some impressive clutches, leaving the score at 14 – 10 in their favour. We managed the clutch up and bring it back to 15 - 14 in our favour after another 1v3 clutch and defuse by EMPEROR. Unfortunately they took the following round and we went into overtime. They eventually took the game with a solid first half T display 19 - 16.

Map 2 Mirage (xL pick) –xL:CS got T side once again, taking a 9-1 lead. Odin managed to build some momentum into the second half, they won the last 5 rounds, leaving the first half score 9-6 in our favour. The second half was back and forth by both teams. Odin took 4 rounds on the bouce, but we came back, taking 3 of the last 5 rounds to close out the game. Calv1n with an impressive game of 34 kills.

Group Game 3 vs GroupDeadly (line-up Sophiee, Kolibri, neggies, logaN & Snodz)

Map 1 Dust2 (xL pick) – xL:CS went into this game expecting a walkover series. To our surprise, GroupDeadly managing to take 7 rounds off us on what is argued the weaker CT half. Before we switched sides, the boys sat down and spoke about what needed changing. After the quick chat, they swiftly went on to win every round to close the game out 16 – 7.

Map 2 Cobble (their pick)- Having made the mistake of taking the series lightly in game 1, we took it the second game like all previous ones, taking a swift 16 - 3 .

Group Game 4 vs MALIK.A (line-up - rekalz, totungs, Jells, CANNIBAL & Ranga)

Map 1 Cache (MALIK.A Pick) This game ended with a perfect 16-0 game.

Map 2 Mirage (xL pick) Map 2 followed the same story as the first, the game ended 16 - 3 in our favour.

Group Game 5 vs MnM Seeded 3rd (line-up - berty, fearless, EB, maxxyb & chron1c)

Map 1 Mirage (xL pick) – The beginning of the game was fairly standard. Rounds traded back and forth before MnM took a 14 -10 lead. xL managed to take 2 rounds on the T side with some vital 2v2 wins. MnM managing to collect the vital 15th round and the game seemed over. However xL were not finished as we grinded out 5 rounds to take game 1 into OT. Unfortunately MnM were the better OT team and we conceded the map 19-16 to a strong looking MnM.

Map 2 Cache (MnM pick) – Game 2 started off with An uncharacteristic rocky t side performance. We began taking the first 3 rounds but got completely shut down in the next 9, conceding all of them. Everything the boys did was countered well by MnM. We managed to string another 2 rounds, taking our T side to a 5-10 deficit. The second half however began well for us, collecting 6 rounds of the opening 9. Unfortunately MnM clutched up and closed the map out 16-11, GG’s to them. This meant we finished 2nd in our group.

Prize bracket Round 1 vs Devine esports (line-up - parasite, trials, SDK, l0renzo & 7aff)

Map 1 Mirage (Devine pick) The first 4 rounds of game 1 felt very comfortable for the xL boys. However this over-confidence cost us once again, 5 rounds to be exact. This meant we went into T side having only got 8 rounds CT. That didn’t bother the boys as they closed the game out with a pistol and then a further 5 rounds. Devine only managed to collect 1 round on their CT side meaning map one went into our hands 16– 8.

Map 2 dust2 (xL pick) The xL:CS team had found their grove conceding only one round on the CT side, closing the game with an impressive 16 - 1 score, taking the bo3 series 2-0.

Prize Bracket Round 2 vs Infused (line-up - Joe, jenko, redsnake, dream & roma)

Map 1 Mirage (xL pick) We started the series vs Infused slow, only managing to take 3 rounds on T side, some of these rounds including some great plays from Infused Roma (1v2, 1v3). The xL boys managed to rally some rounds together in the second half, taking 9 out of the first 10 rounds. This unfortunately came to an end and we conceded game1 12-16.

Map 2 Cobble (Infused pick) Having fallen onto Infused's best map, game2 started by following the trend of this statistic, xL went from the Heroes of T side to being unable to collect a single round. Infused conceded a few rounds on CT before wrapping the series up 16 – 8, dropping us to the lower bracket.

Prize Bracket Lower Bracket Round 2 vs Exertus (line-up - doXi, m1thy, Rexplite, Redgar & Edgarz)

Map 1 inferno (Exertus pick) We unfortunately begin with one of our worst T side performances yet as we conceded 13 of the first 15 rounds. We managed to grind back 5 rounds in a row on CT. We collected round after round after that with some solid holds and noteworthy clutches. xL.CS really believed in the comeback dream after Exertus took a pause and tried to change their approach. But by the time we hit 13 rounds, Exertus managed to pull 1 round back. But in such a vital part of the game, we took advantage of a reset from the opposition and collect our 14th round to tie the scores at 14 - 14. the last 2 rounds felt like a easy sweep as every Exertus death was met by a scream from the xL boys. We closed the game out 16-14 with an insane comeback!

Map 2 Mirage (xL pick) By the end of the first map spectator could see Exertus just weren't the same, they were neither talking nor seemed to have any energy. With Mirage being our best map, we collected 11 rounds on CT side, this was vital since our T side had been shaky of late. However it wasn't to be for Exertus as they were only able to see out the pistol rounds. We stacked the 5 rounds we need to progress and meet our seed.

Prize Bracket Round 3 vs Playhack seed 6th (line-up - archer, m1tchwee, Dudley, cookeh & HoodluM)

Map 1 Mirage (xL Pick) We started the series with T side, luckily to say, we came out dominating! After winning the pistol and following two rounds. This start to T side was the catalyst which lead to impressive mid control and dominating map control, making it very hard for playhack to react to both Ghost and Tayler finding opening picks. The second half started with us winning an full anti-eco as we had no need to buy considering our 12 - 4 lead. Playhack managed to string two rounds but Tayler won a 1v3 clutch on an eco with nothing but a pistol to get us to the vital 15 rounds. We closed out the final round with ease and took game1 16-6.

Map 2 Cobble (xL pick) Cobble had been notorious as playhacks best map and they were sure to let us know before the map began. The xL:CS boys ended up on the harder side of CT to start game2, but took full advantage of the momentum from game 1 by winning 10 rounds before the half. Playhack began the second half like they meant business and collected the opening 5 rounds. With the game tied up 10-10, the boys clocked onto a weakness and made sure it was taken advantage of. We took the next 6 rounds and ended the map 16-10, exceeding our seed and guaranteeing a top 6 placement.

Prize Bracket Round 4 vs ufrag seed 4th (line-up - adamxoxo, powell, JT, esio & jak3y)

Map 1 Train (ufrag pick) Unfortunately we came up against a hot ufrag team, on their best map. The map consisted of ufrag showing how to take bombsites with ease. They closed the game out with an easy 16 – 4 victory.

Map 2 Dust2 (xL pick) By this stage xL:CS had become extremely tired they seemed to of ran out of momentum. We managed to secure early rounds into both half’s, stringing together 5 CT side and then 6T. Once we gave up a round however, the experience of ufrag unfortunately shone through and they closed the game out 16-11. This meant we lost 0-2 in the series and dropped out of the competition in 5th/6th.

Congratulations to xL:CS on their first LAN! We are all extremely pleased with the performance they put on and look forward to how they will do in upcoming events!