CoD: Transfer of Call of Duty Roster

5th April 2016

It is with mixed emotion that today we make one of the largest announcements since our company's inception - the transfer of our Call of Duty roster. We can confirm that we have completed the transfer of the roster, renowned for being one of the most entertaining sides in Stage 1 of Activision's Call of Duty World League, to an undisclosed organisation (who will make an announcement of their own in due course).

Zach 'Zed' Denyer, Shea 'QwiKeR' Sweeney, Nick 'Nolson' Nolson and Brian 'Braaain' Fairlamb leave the organisation effective immediately and will be representing their new organisation in Stage 2 of the CWL. They leave with our heartfelt gratitude and thanks for all of their hard work since signing for us and we couldn't be prouder of what they have achieved since representing our colours. We will be continuing to support all four of them in their Call of Duty careers and can sincerely say it has been a pleasure to work with them. 

Joel Holmes-Darby, the Managing Director of exceL eSports Ltd has issued a statement following the completion of this deal:

"It is with a very heavy heart I say goodbye to our Call of Duty team. I know I speak for all my Staff when I say that we are saddened to no longer be working with this team and that we will no longer be represented in Stage 2 of the CWL, or indeed at ESWC. Being a part of the inaugural season of this competition has been the most exciting venture our company has been involved in since our establishment and the growth and support we have experienced as a result of our successes has been humbling. I'm sure the question on everybody's mind is what we will be doing next. All I will say is we have a plan, we will make the best out of this situation and that exceL eSports will continue in its mission of enabling all of our players to compete at the highest levels in global eSports. I will also say that long-term, there is every chance we will make a return to the Call of Duty competitive circuit - it is part of our lifeblood and we have no intention of turning our back on the scene. 

Good luck to Zach, Shea, Brian and Nick and thank you to all of our followers who have supported us through Stage 1 of the CWL, we hope you will continue to show the same levels of enthusiasm for the players in their new home.