CoD: New Roster Announced for Infinite Warfare

15th December 2016

Tonight we are delighted to formally announce our return to the European Call of Duty eSports scene and the recruitment of our new roster. The team consists of four highly talented and ambitious individuals who have shown excellent performances thus far on Infinite Warfare and who stand a very real chance of qualifying for all of the upcoming Call of Duty World League (CWL) events and league competitions.  Brad ‘endurAAA’ Hughes, Connor ‘Weeman’ Chilton, Bob ‘BoabyCee’ Currie and Sam ‘SamB’ Baker. Previously Connor, Bob and Sam have been on the brink of pro status, with some members of the team narrowly missing out on the CWL on previous titles, whilst Endura, renowned for being a Search & Destroy specialist, has attended the Call of Duty Championship back on Call of Duty Ghosts.

For exceL, it is a return to the eSport title in which our journey started. Ever since the transfer of our previous Call of Duty roster to HyperGames back on Black Ops 3, we have been waiting patiently for the right moment and the right team with which to make our return to competitive Call of Duty. We are excited to be back and would like to thank those that have continued to support us from the Call of Duty community despite our lack of presence in competitions for the last 9 months. We hope that you will now direct this support at our new team as we help the team prepare for the gruelling and exciting competition season ahead.