CoD: EGL London $25k Review

14th March 2016

On the 5th of March 2016, exceL.CoD were invited to compete in the EGL $25,000 Challenger tournament hosted in London. We were put in a group with Lucendi Gaming, Exertus eSports and Team Menace. Our first group match was against Lucendi Gaming off-stream. With a best of 3 format for the group stages, mistakes must be kept to minimum in order to prevail. We began our group run by taking the series 2-1 over Lucendi Gaming, dropping the Uplink. Once again off-stream we faced the Finnish based Team Menace. We were able to swiftly take the series 2-0 and therefore a establish a 2-0 record moving into our final group match, which would eventually decide the group winner. We came up against rival British organisations Exertus eSports. The team's goals coming in to the event including proving why we are in the Call of Duty World League, and we did just that with yet another convincing 2-0 victory. A 3-0 record saw us top our group, meaning we would play a group runner up in our first game of the single elimination knockout stages.

Moving into the knockout stages, which would all be best of 5 series, we came up against French juggernauts HyperGames. We began on fire in the series with a massive 250-114 Hardpoint victory, Nick ‘Nolson’ Nolson with a very impressive 2:40 on the hill. Moving into Search and Destroy Infection we were looking unstoppable. We proved this with hard evidence as we dominated the map 6-2, giving us a 2-0 series lead and being 1 map away from advancing. With the momentum gained from the previous map, HyperGames were unable to hold on and we took the Uplink 11-9 despite a late scare in which the French scored four points in the last forty seconds. Victory put us in to the Quarter Finals, where would now play CWL rivals SplycePro.

The exceL boys were ready to face-off against the Top 4 CWL team after having already recorded two victories against them in the league. Hardpoint Fringe was up first, again with the match disappointingly being played off-Stream, and tension in the room was high for players, managers and spectators alike. The news came through that exceL.CoD had dominated the map 250-137, with Brian ‘Brain’ Fairlamb and Zach ‘Zed’ Denyer combining for 82 kills! 41 a piece. With the boys looking better than ever, we went into Search and Destroy Stronghold. Once again the anticipation of waiting for the results to come through set in, Splyce and exceL fans not physically at the event awaited the news. The notification rang and a 6-2 in our favour was the score, with another massive game once again from Brain, dropping eight kills in return for only four deaths. Map 3 was one of the most important Uplinks the team had ever had to face. Unfortunately the pressure proved too much and we conceded the map on Infection 4-8, with one impressive spawn trap proving the difference maker. There was still a 2-1 series lead in our favour, all we had to do was close the CTF out to move on. Once again we were unable to clutch up and take the map, losing 1-3 despite an impressive first half. It all rested on a game 5 Search and Destroy, and we all know how they end for us. The exceL game 5 curse unfortunately continued and we lost the map with a close 4-6 score. GGs to SpylcePro, we were now unable to proceed any further in the tournament. We were given the option to play Rampage Tempo for T6 but, due to TCM forfeiting their game against Exertus in the opposite fixture, we decided to do the same. Overall a disappointing finish but nonetheless excellent practice for the upcoming CWL play-off event in Cologne. Thanks to EGL and Activision for the invitation and for hosting another high quality Call of Duty event.

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