CoD: CWL Week 6 Recap

20th February 2016

We began Week 6 of the CWL by playing the British TCM Gaming. We went to Breach Hardpoint for the first map and took a commanding 100 point lead in the first half. Unfortunately TCM were able to hold strong and come back to win the map 250-166. Putting us down 1-0. We moved straight into Infection Search and Destroy where TCM continued their dominance as they took the map 6-3, seeing exceL.CoD concede the second map of the series. With game 3 possibly being the final map, we needed to pull of the win with hopes of winning the series. We went back to Breach for Uplink and the first half was promising 8-3. The momentum from the previous half was obvious as the boys were able to take the map easily with a 13-7 win. We continued to play for our series life as we moved to CTF Fringe. The map ended with a 1-1 score line which meant we moved to overtime. With a massive game from Nolson we were able to capture within 1:31. The team were able to hold off TCM and win the map. We went to map 5 and unfortunately lost 6-1 on Redwood. Meaning we lost the series 3-2.

On Wednesday we played the French team PuLse gaming. Fringe Hardpoint was the first map and the boys began strong. With over an 100 point lead after 4 minutes. We took the map 250-99 even after Brian 'Braaain' Fairlamb experiencing connection issues at the end of the game. The Search and Destroy Breach was extremely close, going all the way to round 11. It was looking bleak as Shea 'QwiKeR' Sweeney and Brian 'Braaain' Fairlamb were left in a 2-4 situation. However they were able to go against the odds and win the map with a massive clutch. 2-0 up, the exceL.CoD team were looking the close the series out flawlessly on Evac Uplink. The first side ended 4-8 and the boys were looking strong. The game got out of had in the second half as the score went to 19-6. This meant the series came to an end 3-0 and left us 1-1 once again for the week.

We move into Week 7 6-6 as we find ourselves against the French Team Vitality and The current leaders SplycePro. Stay connected via Twitter and Facebook for news on exceL eSports teams including the Call of Duty squad and many more.