CoD: CWL Week 8 Recap

6th March 2016

We began week 8 of the CWL against the top 4 Epsilon eSports. We took to Fringe Hardpoint for the first map and began very strong. The exceL.CoD boys continued to slay and took the map 250-195. A massive win for the team. Credit to Zach 'Zed' Denyer for an incredible 41-29 gameplay. We moved into Epsilons comfort zone in Search and Destroy Evac. Rounds began trading all the way to a tied 4-4. Unfortunately The Epsi boys were able to clutch up and take the map 6-4. Leaving a tied 1-1 series. Uplink Breach was just a close, going all the way to overtime with a tied 8-8 scoreline. Epsilon scored first, putting the pressure on us. But with an incredible slide and throw from Brian 'Brain' Fairlamb, we were able to score in a quicker time and take the map! Moving on to Map 4, Stronghold CTF, Epsilon showed us why they are a potentially a number 1 team and took the map 2-0. Map 5 was now on the cards and we were feeling confident. The story was the same from the previous Search and Destroy, all the way up to round 11, the dreaded but exciting 5-5. Sadly the map came to an end as we conceded the final round, meaning we lost the series 2-3. The boys faced the Spanish Giants Gaming for their second game of the week. After our previous loss against Giants we were hungry for revenge. Breach Hardpoint was first up. With the thought of another loss in our minds we came out and dominated, taking the map 250-135. 1-0 to exceL.CoD. Search and Destroy Redwood was map 2, rounds were very close, with both teams showing their worth. Unfortunately we were unable to clutch up and conceded the map 3-6. Giants used the momentum from their previous map win and dominated the Uplink Infection with a 7-0 scoreline. Leaving us down 1-2 in the series. With, statistically speaking, Giants Gamings best game mode up next, exceL.CoD really needed to pull something special. We did just that, taking an enormous 6-0 win. One of he highest score differences in the CWL. Once again we went into a game 5 Search and Destroy. We came out with force and took over the kill feed, forcing the Spanish to do the impossible. We were able to do what we couldn't do before and close out the final Search and Destroy 6-2. Giving us a 3-2 victory in the series and a 1-1 record for the week. Next week we take the season one for the final time against Team Vitality and TCM gaming. Stay connected via Twitter and Facebook for updates regarding our CoD and other eSports teams. GGs to all!