CoD: CWL Week 7 Recap

28th February 2016

We began week 7 of the Call of Duty World League by taking on top 4 team SplycePro. The last time we met we won 3-1 and went into this game hoping for similar results. Hardpoint Stronghold was written on the cards for map one and it began very level, with a tied 148-148 scoreline after 5 or so minutes. The next two minutes were crucial and we asserted our dominance by pulling away and taking the map with a 250-214 win. We quickly moved onto to Search and Destroy Hunted for the first time of the CWL. The initial style of play from both teams guaranteed entertainment and anticipation as rounds were traded back and forth all the way to 5-5. With a massive round from Shea 'QwiKeR' Sweeney, We were able to close out the Search and Destroy and take a 2-0 series lead. With every intention of closing the series out 3-0, the boys came out strong with a 5-3 lead over the first half of Evac Uplink. Unfortunately SplycePro were able to save themselves from the 3-0 and take the map 13-5, leaving the series at 2-1. With the thought of yet another game 5 on exceL.CoD's minds, they knew the series needed to be closed out here. This motive proved its worth as we took a massive 2-0 capture and possession of a Wraith, thanks to Nick 'Nolson' Nolson, on the first half of CTF Fringe. We proved too much for Splyce as we extended further, taking the map 4-0 and the series 3-1 once again. Credit to Nolson and Zach 'Zed' Denyer for a combined 47-22 K/D on map 4!

With the chance of going 2-0 for the week, we went into Wednesday with hopes of taking down the French based Team Vitality. We hopped straight into Hardpoint Evac where the beginning looked grim as we saw Vitality begin with a dominating 92-4 lead. A switch was flicked and the exceL.CoD boys burst into life as fought to tie the score at 97 a piece. The score stayed very close up to the 200 mark, but we were able to prevail and take the map 250-204. Riding the momentum of Map 1, the boys dominated Search and Destroy Redwood with a 6-2 Victory, with Zach 'Zed' Denyer holding a 2.00 K/D at 12/6. Once again with the chance to close a series out 3-0, we saw a 7-1 lead in our favor on the first half of Uplink Fringe. However, Vitality came back fighting in the second half and took a 9-8 lead with 2 and a half minutes remaining. With the boys on the back foot and Vitality holding strong things were looking grim. But with a massive break of Vitality's setup from Zed, we were able to score and relay 4 points, we took the map with a score of 12-9. V did not stand for Victory for Vitality this week as we take the series 3-0. GG's to them!

We now stand 8-6 in the Call of Duty World League and play British powerhouse Epsilon eSports and the Spanish Giants Gaming in week 8. Stay updated and connected via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for news regarding all of our teams.