CoD: CWL Week 5 Recap

13th February 2016

Week 5 began with exceL.CoD taking on the French team LDLC. Stronghold Hardpoint was up first and the boys started very strong in the first 3 minutes with a 101-45 score. LDLC did begin to claw back some time after a good hold on the next two hardpoints. However exceL were able to win the map in a convincing 250-160 victory, with Nick 'Nolsonn' Nolson having an incredible game with a 43-19 K/D. We took to Search and Destroy Fringe next and the French began strong by taking the score to 5-2 in their favour. We were able to answer back with one more round but LDLC closed the map out with a 6-3 score, guaranteeing at least a map 4. The first half of uplink began strong for exceL with a 5-0 lead after the first half. However the second half was out of control with the boys scoring 13 points and Zach 'Zed' Denyer with a 31-10 K/D helping secure an 18-0 victory for the boys - the biggest Uplink score seen in the Europe CWL yet! Map 4 was Evac CTF and we saw LDLC take the first flag of the game after 2 minutes of  the first half. We were however able to answer back at the end of the first half and tie it up 1-1. After 3 and a half further minutes into the second half we captured another 2-1 after an impressive wall run route from Zed. We were able to keep the lead for the remaining time and took the map 2-1, giving us an overall series win at 3-1.

Game 2 saw us compete in the rematch against the widely proclaimed "God Squad" Millenium. After the 3-1 loss against Millenium last week, we were fired up to comeback and win this series. Evac Hardpoint was the first map and we came out strong in the first half, achieving over double of Millenium's points with a 134-56 score. The boys continued the dominance and ended the map with a 250-154 win. We then stepped into Search and Destroy and Millenium proved their strength on this game mode by swiftly taking the victory 6-0 over exceL.CoD, leaving the series tied at 1-1. We moved onto Fringe Uplink and the first half was very close, ending with a 5-4 score to us. We took to the second half with confidence, scoring 4 points without Millenium scoring any. With 2 minutes left, Millenium began the comeback and prevailed, they took the score to 9-10 and stole the map. With CTF up next and our series lives on the line, we needed to clutch up. After no captures for 9 and a half minutes, Zach 'Zed' Denyer broke the Millenium setup with a Hellstorm, allowing Shea 'QwiKeR' Sweeney to run the flag and capture it with 8 seconds left. This saw us win the map 1-0 and go to a game 5. We stepped into Evac once again, this time for a Search and Destroy. Rounds were traded until the score was tied at 3-3. But unfortunately, once again, Millenium clutched up and won 3 rounds in a row meaning they took the map 6-3 and the series 3-2.

We ended Week 5 with a 1-1 record. Next week we take on TCM Gaming and the French PuLse Gaming. Stay connected via Twitter and Facebook for news on exceL eSports teams including the Call of Duty squad and many more.