CoD: CWL Week 4 Recap

6th February 2016

We began week 4 of the CWL with a mountain to climb as we faced off against Call of Duty giants Millenium. We took to Fringe Hardpoint for the first map. The initial 5 minutes were tied, with 150-150 scoreline. However Millenium came out on top after an impressive slaying performance from Swanny, Seeing exceL.CoD go 0-1 down after a final score of 194-250. Map 2, Breach Search and Destroy, began a lot more convincingly with the boys winning the first 4 rounds. Millenium countered with 3 rounds of their own, but it was not enough as we closed the map out 6-3, leaving the series tied 1-1 and making us the first team to win an SnD against Millenium this season (bar a forfeit vs Vitality). Uplink was next and the momentum of the previous map win was obvious as we took a 4-1 lead after the first half, with Zach 'Zed' Denyer and Shea 'QwiKeR' Sweeney combining for a 38-15 K/D. Unfortunately Millenium clutched up once again and scored 5 points to our 0 in the second half, taking the map 4-6. Our series life lay with CTF Evac. We were able to get on the board first but Millenium swiftly answered back with a counter. The score sat at 1-1 going into the second half and stayed that way for the remaining 5 minutes. Overtime was unfortunately won by Millenium and they closed the series 3-1.

Wednesday saw us take on another 1st place contender of the CWL, Epsilon eSports. Breach Hardpoint was Map 1. Epsilon began strong by taking a 159-78 point lead leaving exceL.CoD to play catchup. We were able to claw back to a smaller 50 point deficit with a 153-203 point game. Unfortunately Epsilon were able to close the game out 250-197, seeing us lose the Hardpoint once again and going 0-1 down in the series. Search and Destroy Evac was fairly close at the beginning with a 3-3 round count. Rounds were traded and the score moved to 4-4. The boys were able to bring their own clutch factor to the map and ended with a 6-4 win, tying the series up 1-1 and securing another SnD win for our boys, a game-mode we struggled with towards the start of the season. The first half of Breach Uplink was perfectly even and ended with a tied 4-4 scoreline. Epsilon struck first on the second half with a 1 point play which was quickly countered by exceL dunking for 2. However Epsilon scored two further throws, putting the score at 6-7. With 13 seconds left, QwiKeR ran the satellite to the enemy base but was unable to score before being killed. Meaning Epsilon took a 1-2 lead. Once again CTF was our last hope. Unfortunately, Epsilon proved too strong and captured 1 flag in the first 45 seconds of each half, whereas we were unable to score any. This meant Epsilon closed the series 3-1 and left us 0-2 for the week.

Next week we take on the French team LDLC and then Millenium once again. Stay in contact via Twitter and Facebook for new updates regarding exceL eSports Call of Duty World League journey and other information regarding all of our eSports teams.